Monday 6 October 2014

BDSMonday - Boot Service

It's BDSMonday!

I feel like I haven't shared anything personal for a while. In case you haven't noticed...I like boots. I wouldn't necessarily call myself a foot or shoe fetishist--I don't have foot-related fantasies. That being said, I definitely appreciate a nice leather boot!

My Sir and I have both felt really drained for the last few years--it's been a rough few years, and we're still recovering, emotionally and physically--so we haven't been playing as often or as intensely. I used to service her boots more often, both on and off of her (I indoctrinated her into the Blundstone cult). I still do a biannual Nikwax application of all our boots. It doesn't take very long and it doesn't require a lot of energy, but I still consider it a nice way to serve and appreciate my Sir. I tend to do it sitting on the couch when she's beside me.

First, I wash all three pairs (my Blundstones, hers, my steel toed Blundstones), removing the layer of flour and icing sugar from mine and hers, and the dust and manure from my steel toes.

Then I start waxing, beginning with the first boots I washed. I rub the wax into the leather, working it into the seams and cracks and cuts, thinking about how they got there, noticing how much more wear they have than six months ago. We both really only wear our one pair of boots year-round, making them very personal possessions, something we come in contact with almost every day. The way the soles have worn shows how we walk. The dirt shows where we've been. The scars show what we've done.

Last, I buff off the wax with a Kiwi cloth, leaving them clean and protected for the winter or spring. I probably should polish them from time to time, to service both the boots and my Sir, but she realizes and accepts that I don't always have energy for more than the bare minimum needed to keep our household functioning.

I hope that, in the future, our energy levels will recover and we'll be able to play as frequently and do larger scenes.

As always, have a great week! If you'd like to contribute to BDSMonday in any way, or if you have a comment or suggestion, please feel free to contact me!

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