Tuesday 6 September 2016

Fanfic - You Don't Owe Me Comments

I've seen a lot of people lately with the attitude that, because they wrote fanfiction, they're owed praise from readers. Each and every single reader. 
As someone who has written (and read) fanfic for more than a decade, I completely disagree.
Do I leave feedback on every single fanfic I read? Honestly? No. 
Do I expect every single person who reads my fic to leave feedback? Hell no!
Do I try to leave at least a short comment? Do I love every single comment I get? Yes!
I don't bestow my fanfic upon the world and expect to be showered with gratitude. 

I write what I'm going to write, and oh happy day, at least a few people usually like it, and some of those people let me know they like it! And that's awesome—that's the way it should be. 

Friday 2 September 2016

Crossed Wires is Visiting Mary's Ménage Reviews!

Thanks so much to Mary's Ménage Reviews for hosting Crossed Wires! Check out the post and comment for a chance to win an ebook copy.

Crossed Wires: Rory isn’t expecting much more than clowns and elephant poop when he agrees to take his niece and nephew to the circus, but he finds himself entranced by the trapeze performers. Returning to the circus another night, he meets Lev and Tanner after the show and finds himself just as interested in the men themselves. They take him back to their hotel room for a night of steamy sex. After the circus leaves, Rory can’t stop thinking about the duo, though they never call him. He enrolls in a trapeze class as a distraction, and is astonished to find out who’s teaching the course.

Genres: M/M, Contemporary

Length: 13,500 words  (Novelette)

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