Monday 29 September 2014

BDSMonday - Hard and Soft Limits

It's BDSMonday!

Today I'm talking about hard and soft limits.

First of all, what are hard and soft limits? Hard limits are something you are never, ever willing to try. If someone tried an activity from that list with you, you would immediately end the scene and (probably) never play with them again. There are two hard limits that are considered more or less universal, because they can't be considered consensual - bestiality and pedophilia. From there, the list is much more personal.

Soft limits are activities you're not ready or willing to try yet, or that you want to approach slowly and carefully. They're not something that should be sprung on you when you're tied up, or that should be spontaneously added to a scene.

The important thing about limits, at least as far as I'm concerned (okay, well, beyond the obvious "respect people's limits, yo") is that they can change over time, and in either direction.

When I first started exploring kink, I was really curious about electrical play and thought I'd really enjoy it. Due to a bad experience and another that was really "meh", electrical play is at least a soft limit, if not a hard limit.

The reverse is also true. I can't think of a personal example, but there's also nothing wrong with having something on you're not sure about, something on your soft or even hard limit list, and trying it with a partner you trust. It could eventually become one of your favourite things!

Even if you think a limit is silly or you think pushing it would help your partner grow as a person, respect that limit. Your partner may have had a bad experience in the past that they haven't shared with you, and they know a particular kinky activity will give them flashbacks. They may have an injury that prevents them from certain positions or activities. It's not your place to judge someone's limits, and it's not anyone else's place to judge yours.

If someone tries to pressure you regarding your limits, think long and hard before you play with them! Pushing your limits is a very personal decision that should be made by you, not by someone you're playing with. I've heard plenty of stories of people having their limits pushed, without warning or advance discussion, when they were in the middle of a scene and relatively helpless, and to me that is not okay. People usually have limits, especially hard limits, for a reason besides "I don't want to try that".

Have a great week everyone and play safely!        

Thursday 25 September 2014

Great Day... And a My Zombie Boyfriend Teaser!

I'm having a really good day. I had an issue at work, but I managed to figure it out (mostly) on my own and it felt great.

Then I got my hair braided which I desperately wanted so it wouldn't be in my face or on my neck. And the hairdresser was amazing. Hands down the best I've ever had. She realized how "difficult" my hair is while she was washing it (side note--I love having my hair washed at the hairdresser's. So does Kit from My Zombie Boyfriend...see below!). My hair is very fine but dense, making it pretty sheds lesser hair implements! I told her I was growing it out for my sister's wedding and she gave me some very helpful tips to tell the wedding stylist, and she explained why I have a random red streak in my hair. Now it's in a really tight French braid and it's almost like having short hair again and I look more like my mental image of myself!


Here's teaser number two from My Zombie Boyfriend. (Here's teaser number one in case you missed it).

For those just tuning in, My Zombie Boyfriend is my upcoming M/M paranormal romance novel with Torquere Press. It's about Edward, a necromancer/medical student, and Kit, a body he finds and reanimates.

Please note, this is not the finalized version of the story.

Monday 22 September 2014

BDSMonday - Sleepy Thoughts

It's BDSMonday!

Today's topic...well, it requires a little explanation.

Okay, um...I've been reading a lot of Star Wars books lately. Like, a lot. And one night, while I was in that falling-asleep-silly-brain state I thought, "Darth Vader would be really good at breath play..."

Look at that! I'm sure he has excellent control!

There's even a video (though I find the lack of apostrophe disturbing. And someone has a lot of time on their hands and it isn't me). 

And then of course that made me think, "I bet the Emperor would be really good at electrical play." 

I have a point, really, I do! Okay, maybe not a point, but close enough! Do you guys have any vanilla-references-that-could-be-turned-kinky to add to my weird list? 

Friday 19 September 2014

Dom A Man Apart Cover Reveal

Dom Cover

Title: Dom, a man apart
Author: Ethan Radcliff
Estimated Release Date: Oct 8, 2014
Published by: Bitten Press, LLC
Genre: BDSM Erotica

gr logo 1

In the world of pain and pleasure, Charles Damien Macavoy reigned. He was a man apart, one who required more than most. He was a Master of BDSM. He’d been asked by another Dom and good friend to train the Dom’s current sub and love interest. Charles had trained many, but found himself attracted to his new trainee.
He was aware the fascination would wear off, it always did, and he’d returned the trainee to her Master willing and ready to submit. Lurking in the shadows of a world few are accustomed to is evil. Sometimes a thing of beauty has hidden thorns. Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted.

Dom teaser 2
“You’re smiling rather devilishly at me Sir,” Samantha whispered. “Am I?” he answered back waiting to see her response. “Yes I can just imagine what’s going through your mind with tonight looming before us.” Her smile was slightly crooked but very sexy. He was enjoying their little repartee. “What’s going through my mind Samantha is seeing you knelt down before me with your lips around the shaft of my cock.” He watched her blush and was amused that she could be embarrassed so quickly. Or was that heat that flushed her cheeks. “Sir, you’re getting me wet.”
✦✦About Ethan Radcliff✦✦
I've been writing since I was a kid. I love creating and tried my hand at art, not bad but not good enough. A guy's gotta eat. Through high school I wrote erotic stories, kept them in a notebook, let a few of my girlfriends read them. Yeah, played football, baseball, but my brain never stopped thinking of sex. I guess we think about it all the time.

Been on face book for a while never did anything interesting when I was on until I started to see all the writers and then some poets posting their erotic prose. Men who were writing erotic romance and stories, I knew it was my time to get out the old note book and throw on some poems. Some are old and some are new, the ones about BDSM are newer. In high school or college I wasn't on that train of thought.

I see a picture it sets me off. A see an attractive women it sets me off. The jiggle of a full ass or heavy breasts, get me going. Yeah, my mind always is on a beautiful face or body.
✦✦Social Media Links✦✦
Dom teaser 1
✦✦Purchase Ethan's other books✦✦
paperbackfront (96)
The Taming of Molly Jenkings
Amazon USAmazon UKKoboB&NITunes
wait cover
The Wait, Britt’s Undoing
Amazon USAmazon UKKoboB&NITunes
magician cover
The Magician, Male Escort
Amazon USAmazon UkKoboB&NITunes
Author liaisons promo pic

Thursday 18 September 2014

Pumping Iron - Author Interview and Blog Tour

Pumping Iron (A Bad Boyfriends Novel)

Name: Nya Rawlyns

What do you do while writing that others might find unusual?
First off, thanks for having me! I appreciate being here with you and your followers.

As for writing, it’s not so much what *I* do, but what my supervisor does. I think everyone who knows me (and my alter ego, Diane) from Face Book is also familiar with Little Miss Mayhem, aka LMM. She is my constant companion and the devil on my shoulder, literally.

Lemme ’splain… LMM is a rescue kitty, brought to me by a FB friend and actual near neighbor, Mitzi. The world of social networking has watched this darling bundle of grey naughty grow up into a lovely adult filled with attitude and entitlement. She’s a cat, it’s what they do, but LMM does it better than any other.

When I write I go into “author space”, that black hole where nothing and no one but my characters and their stories exist. I lose all sense of time and place. I go where no man has gone before. Personal hygiene, paying bills, making dinner, answering the phone… Pfft. Those concerns, those activities simply don’t exist.

Until dinner time. LMM dinner time. She starts around 2:30. A mousie gets tossed into my lap. I ignore it. She sits and stares, a dark mind-penetrating glare. My hairs stand on end, but I finish the paragraph. I’m now aware of time passing; it’s irksome. Then around 4pm, she’s on the arm of the chair with her front feet on my shoulder—she ain’t light, our Little Miss—and a paw that’s been places I’d rather not think about goes in my ear or bats my jaw. By 4:30 the claws come out. My ankles are fair game.

I have two reasons for saving-to-file: to open a can of food … and to find the iodine.

What is the most satisfying thing about being a writer?
I spent my career writing technical reports. Now I write fiction. Both kinds of writing require discipline, both rely on a creative process, and although fiction might seem more a right-brain activity, it actually relies heavily on logic and a degree of objectivity in order to bring characters and situations to life.

As a child, I was painfully shy and introverted, bullied because of my weight, and forced to find solace in solitary activities. Books became (and remain to this day) my best friends. I learned to express myself through the written word, speaking with my fingers rather than my mouth and tongue. Eventually I learned to be more socially adept, but my best mode of communication is still via the written word. I am forever grateful for the digital revolution that allows me to communicate my thoughts with all the fabulous people who have befriended me from around the world.

Where and when do you prefer to write?
I write something every single day (points to the question above). Writing is like a muscle—if you don’t use it, it can atrophy. If it does that, it’s not always an easy task to bring it back to a level of fitness where it will function correctly. When I’m deep into writing a book, I like to start first thing in the morning and go straight through until Herself suggests it’s time to stop and smell the tuna. My evenings are for reading, for Firstborn, and for a few guilty pleasure TV shows (Suits, Dancing with the Stars, Arrow, Royal Pains, The Voice).

Would you ever want one of your books to be made into a movie?
I suspect my romantic comedies might be suitable for the small screen, although my contemporary M/M western saga would indeed lend itself to a Silverado treatment, perhaps with Kasdan directing. The casting couch is always open, especially for the roles of Ash and Oak, two of my favoritest characters (that’s like saying you like one of your offspring more than another, but hey ho, it is what it is). Sweeping Wyoming vistas, dangerous places, dangerous men…
Yeah, I can see that. Now all I need to do is crowd-source it.
Coming to a theater near you: The Crow Creek Saga.

We all see your posts on FB with your dinner plates, do you have a favorite recipe that you are willing to share?
Woohoo! Thanks for noticing!

I do love to cook—not bake so much as getting a tasty meal on the table, one that takes less than a pot and a frying pan, and about 30 minutes of my time.

Seafood has gotten pricy—shrimp, scallops and crab are a king’s ransom nowadays. Firstborn and I indulge but mostly during the holidays.

For everyday fish, we love tilapia. It’s meaty and not “fishy”—to the nose or on the tongue. Yes, I am aware of all the cautionary statements warning about farm-raised fish, but we restrict our selection to either Wegmans or Weis markets, two vendors we’ve grown to trust over the years.

Depending on the size of the filet, you might want one per person.

Tilapia fillet(s)
EVOO (extra virgin olive oil)
Pat of butter
Lemon (for zest and juice)
Sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper medley
Old Bay seasoning
Tomato bruschetta

In a frying pan, heat about 1tbsp EVOO and pat of butter until the oil lightly smokes. Add the tilapia fillet(s) and season the top with salt, pepper, and about 1-2 tsp Old Bay seasoning. Cook on medium high until the fillet browns (halfway up the side, thickest portion). Turn over and season with the salt/pepper/Old Bay. Cook until the fish flakes with a fork. Turn heat to low. Zest the lemon onto the fillet, add a half cup of tomato bruschetta to the top of each fillet, and add a tbsp. of capers with some juice to the pan. Heat for a minute or so, then squeeze the lemon juice over the fish and plate.

For those of you on low salt diets, skip the salt. Seasonings can be adjusted to taste, keeping in mind “less is more”.

We usually have fresh crusty French bread and a salad to go with our fish. This prep also works well with Scallops—just skip the tomato bruschetta.

And there you have it! Thanks again for hosting the Pumping Iron Tour. It’s been a pleasure.

Nya Rawlyns

Crossing boundaries, taking no prisoners. Write what's in your soul.
It's the bass beat, the heartbeat, the lyrics rude and true.

Nya Rawlyns is the pseudonym of a writer who cut her teeth on sports-themed romantic comedy and historical romances before finding her true calling in the wilderness areas she has visited but calls “home” in that place that counts the most: the heart. She writes M/M erotic romance because her good friends deserve to have their amazing stories told.

She has lived in the country and on a sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay, earned more than 1000 miles in competitive trail and endurance racing, taught Political Science to unwilling freshmen, and found an avocation in materials science.

When she isn’t tending to her garden or the horses, the cats, or two pervert parakeets, she can be found day dreaming and listening to the voices in her head.

Website: Romancing Words

Her published works include:

Curling Iron (A Bad Boyfriends Novella)
Pumping Iron (A Bad Boyfriends Novel)

Ash & Oak (A Crow Creek Novel)
Pulling Leather (A Crow Creek Novel)
Strapping Ash (A Crow Creek Novel)
Sorting Will (A Crow Creek Novel)
Flankman (A Crow Creek Novel)

The Wrong Side of Right
Good Boy Bad

Cajun Gothic (Blood Haven)
The Strigoi Chronicles: Penance, Fane, Michel, Dreu
Acid Jazz Singer (Hunger Hurts)

Monday 15 September 2014

BDSMonday - Funishment

It's BDSMonday! (For real this week!)

Today's topic is funishment vs punishment. What is funishment? In a BDSM context, funishment is giving the sub/slave/etc. a form of play they enjoy when they're 'naughty' or break one of the relationship's rules. It's different than punishment, which is generally play the sub doesn't enjoy as much, or withholding play.

It could be argued that funishment is rewarding bad behaviour...but there's nothing wrong with that! It's usually silly and good fun for everyone involved.

In your kinky relationships, do you use funishment, punishment, or both? What sets them apart for you?

For myself and my Sir, we usually lean more toward funishment when we're playing as ourselves (as opposed to roleplaying). We're more comfortable exploring actual punishment as different characters, but we find those scenes a lot more intense and we don't do them very often.

Vanilla readers: do you prefer reading about punishment or funishment? (Or both!)

I think there's a certain pleasure to be had in reading about punishment, knowing that it's a fantasy and no one is actually being hurt.

Friday 12 September 2014

Pre Release Blitz for Playing With Fire Anthology

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playing with fire pre release blitz sign

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Playing with Fire: Twelve Romantic Suspense Novels that Sparked Bestselling Series

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12 Authors... 12 Bestselling Novels... Available for only 12 days!
Coming November 4th- November 15th!
Available for Pre-Order Now!
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Over 817,000 words and 2,200 pages for only $2.99! That’s the lowest price the retailer allows for such a large e-book!
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100% of the profits of this anthology go to RAINN: Rape, Abuse, & Incest National Network- the nation's largest anti-sexual assault organization!
rainn pic
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Join the Facebook Release Party HERE!

✦✦ ✦✦ ✦✦
Giveaway Pic

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Books in this Anthology:
Sarah Robinson - Tainted Bodies (The Photographer Trilogy)
Alyson Raynes – Deception (The Fixer Series)
Kim Black – Discovered (The Cover Series)
Pepper Winters – Tears of Tess (Monsters in the Dark Series)
Chelle Bliss – Throttle Me (Men of Inked Series)
LP Dover – Meant for Me (Second Chances Standalone Series)
Aleatha Romig – Consequences (Consequences Series)
TK Leigh – A Beautiful Mess (Beautiful Mess Series)
Brooke Cumberland – The Intern (The Intern Serials)
Clarissa Wild – Fierce (Fierce Series)
Missy Johnson – Desire (Desire Series)
Roxy Sloane – Seduction (The Seduction Series)
release day cover - without names - black

Author liaisons promo pic

Thursday 11 September 2014

Appearances Blog Tour

Title: Opposites
Series: Opposites
Release Date: June 1st 2013 (re-released Nov 23 2013)
Author: T.M. Smith
Genre: New Adult Dystopian (M/M F/F M/F)
Length: 199 pages
Publisher: TTC Publishing

Blurb: In the year 2081 our planet survived global warming of an apocalyptic scale. When the dust settled and the water receded Dr. Anthony Smith, one of only a few hundred survivors of GWI, started society anew. Having come to the conclusion that injudicious breeding played a huge role in the destruction of Earth as we knew it in the twenty first century, he worked closely with other survivors to isolate the Dionysus gene. This gene has the ability to manipulate human DNA to ensure that all male children be born gay, and all female children be born lesbians. A new society is born.

In the year 2300 Dr. Smith’s descendants are ushering in the twenty fourth century having maintained control of the government that still rules society. Twins Aiya and Aiyan are preparing to meet their matches and take control of House Gaeland, the current ruling House. But not everything is as it seems.

Love is Love.. it knows no gender and doesn’t conform to restrictions and boundaries. Aiyan has found his soul mate in Kaden, the prince of House Devi that he is matched with and eventually marries. But when the person Aiya falls in love with tests the boundaries put in place after GWI, all hell breaks loose. And in the midst of one secret unraveling, another will emerge. There is a growing anomaly that threatens to destroy over two hundred years of progression. This anomaly is known as Opposites.

*WARNING* Opposites is an Adult Dystopian majorly M/M series that contains explicit sexual content and relationships between gay, lesbian and straight couples.*

Amazon UK -
Createspace paperback:


1 Winner $10 Amazon or B&N Gift card

2 Winners Ebook of Opposites or Appearances, Winners Choice

1 Winner Surprise Swag Pack

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Title: The Library
Series: Opposites
Release Date: Nov 30th 2013
Author: T.M. Smith
Genre: New Adult Dystopian M/M
Length: 45 pages
Publisher: TTC Publishing

Three gay couples run amuck in this short story where clothing, beds, even four walls are all optional!

Want to know what happened that night in the library?
Cirian and Rian had a fight in the library and Rian ends up naked on the desk, on his back, at Cirian's mercy.

Want to know how far things went with ice cream?
A romantic evening by the fire feeding his husband ice cream leads to a lot more than heavy petting for Aiyan and Kaden.

Want to know what was going on when those birds fled?
Travelling hundreds of miles, battling the rebels and then travelling back to House Gaeland will take it out of you. But when Tanis wants something, he takes it. Raven is about to be bent over a tree!

A Note from the Author: I've taken three scenes from Opposites that were cut short and elaborated on the shenanigans that ensued. I also focused more in the beginning on the relationship between Cirian and Rian, to give readers a chance to know them and their inner workings better. I hope you enjoy this free read set in my world of Opposites!

**Warning, The Library is a novella set in the same world as Opposites. It's an adult dystopian majorly M/M novel that includes consenting and explicit sexual relationships between gay, lesbian and straight couples**


Title: Appearances
Series: Opposites
Release Date: August 31st 2014
Author: T.M. Smith
Genre: New Adult Dystopian (M/M F/F M/F)
Length: 188 pages
Publisher: TTC Publishing
Appearances, can be deceiving.
Raven and Tanis are trying very hard to merge their vastly different lifestyles, but Tanis issues with his own past could prove to be more than their fragile relationship can handle. Is their love for each other strong enough to weather the oncoming storm?
Aiya and Sawyer have fought hard to be together in a world where Opposite relationships are generally

forbidden. Yet, they are still forced to keep their relationship a secret while they are outside the walls of House Gaeland.
Everyone assumes that the only threat lies outside their walls, the group of rebels led by Cillian. But something is happening within House Gaeland, something that hasn’t happened since GWI. And with all the attention focused on that, their guard is down. An evil that was under their nose all along strikes, and someone will make the ultimate sacrifice to save another.
Appearances is the second book in the Opposites series, the series should be read in order.
** Warning, Opposites is an Adult Dystopian majorly M/M series that contains explicit sexual content and relationships between gay, straight and lesbian couples. ** 



Author bio:
A military brat born and raised at Ft. Benning Georgia; Smith is an avid reader, reviewer and writer. She now calls Texas home from her small town on the outskirts of the DFW Metroplex. Most days you can find her curled up with her kindle and a good book alongside a glass of something aged and red or a steaming cup of coffee!
At 42 years young, she's decided to enter the next phase of her life by adding the title of "author" to her list of accomplishments that includes single mom of three disturbingly outspoken and decidedly different kids, one of which is Autistic. Smith is an outspoken advocate for Autism and equal rights for the LGBTQ community.
Her Opposites series is based outside the normal parameters of social acceptability, examining a 'what if'... What If to be gay or lesbian were the norm? What if to be straight labeled you as an Opposite and made YOU the Outkast?

Author Amazon page:
Author website:
Author Twitter -
GoodReads book:
GoodReads author:

Wednesday 10 September 2014

Everyday Kink

Phew! Busy morning! 

- Painted more of the house
- Did a load of laundry
- Cleaned the house 
- Set up a foot bath, lunch and tea for my Sir when she got home

I used to have tea made almost every day for when my Sir got home, when she was working different hours. I haven't had the time or energy to prepare for when she comes home for a while...probably a year or more. It's nice to be able to do a small and simple submissive act that makes my Sir happy. 

Also had a really wild, intense play session last night, more energetic than we've been up for in some time. Lots of hair pulling, biting, scratching and spanking. It's looking like a good, kinky fall!

Awakening to You…in LA - Cover Reveal

Awakening to You…in
By: Fifi Flowers
Release Date:
September 22, 2014

Awakening to You... in LA by Fifi Flowers...
(Awakening Trilogy, Book 2)
Sofie James is a successful set designer, trying to break into the male dominated production design realm and lacking any personal obligations she sees a clear path to success.

Drake Blaxton is a senior partner in an architectural firm who has always been focused and grounded in his career while completely noncommittal in his personal life.

A chance encounter at their favorite pond.
A fateful storm that could change everything.
What happens when Sofie and Drake's worlds collide into each other, awakening a thundering passion that neither were ever open to having?

This book contains sexually explicit material and is
intended for adult readers only

***Not a Standalone - This is Book Two of a Three-Book Series***

While daydreaming of her time spent sipping cafe crème in the cafes of Paris, Fifi Flowers, an internationally known artist turn author from the Los Angeles area of California, writes romance novels and paints fantasies with a Parisian flair.


Heat things up with a NEW Book Boyfriend... 


Awakening to You... in Boston

by Fifi Flowers...

(Awakening Trilogy, Book 1) 

One-Click!!! - - only 0.99cents!!! 

Tuesday 9 September 2014

BDSMonday - Munches

It's late. Sorry to do this two weeks in a row guys! I'll try to have my shit together for next week...we'll see how that goes!

Anyway, today's topic is munches. What they are, what you can (and probably cannot) expect from them, a few general rules (each group that hosts munches might have their own rules), and how to find one.

First of all, what is a munch? I suppose munches need some description nowadays, since they have become rare and shy of the Big People, as they call us. They are (or were) a little people, about half our height, and smaller than the bearded dwarves. Munches have no beards.

Oops, sorry, that's hobbits!

A munch is an informal gathering of kinky people, usually in a public place like a restaurant or coffee shop.

It's a great place to meet others and make connections in your local kinky community, or in another city if you're traveling. A munch is not a play party. Unless it's being held in a private place with no vanilla people, it's generally not a good idea to play or even wear fetish gear to a munch, unless it's something you would ordinarily wear or do in public. A munch isn't usually a good place to hook up or find a play partner to go home with.

I think I've covered most of the commonsense type rules, but they basically all come down to: Don't Freak Out The Normals. The other people in the restaurant or wherever the munch is being held don't want to hear about the size of your strap on, how many times a week your Daddy spanks you, or anything like that!

If you have questions about a munch in your area, make sure to contact the hosts! Most are friendly and helpful. If you're not sure if there are any specific rules, or you just want to 'know' someone before heading out to your first munch, definitely contact the host.

There are a few ways to find munches. If your local kinky group has their own website, you can just Google "City X kinky munches" or something like that. Fetlife is an excellent munch-finding resource. If there are any good, kink-friendly adult store in your city, they might be able to point you in the right direction.

If you're feeling apprehensive about going to your first munch--you're not alone. My wife and I came very close to hiding in the bathroom instead of going to our first one...but I'm really glad we did! If possible, go with a friend, whether a kinky friend or at least one who won't run screaming.

Tuesday 2 September 2014

BDSMonday - How I Spent My Summer Kink-cation

(Note: The Ss are backwards because they were written by someone who was loopy from subspace)

It's BDSMonday! (Hush it was a long weekend so today is Monday...)

Today I want to know--what was your favourite kinky memory this summer, whether it was a scene you participated in or read about?

We had a pretty busy summer so my Sir and I didn't get to play much beyond a spanking here or there, but we did a branding on Sunday and it was soooooo good. As for reading, there are several scenes from Kay Berrisford's excellent Greenwood series that could apply :D 

Hope everyone had a great summer, and that the weather stays nice for at least another month!