Monday 26 January 2015

BDSMonday - (Kinky) New Year's Resolutions

It's BDSMonday!

Seeing as this is the last Monday of the first month of 2015, I thought it might be fun to see if you have any kinky plans for the coming year--a new area of BDSM you'd like to explore, a fantasy you'd like to bring up with your partner, books you'd like to read, scenes you'd like to write?

For myself, I'd like to play more in 2015. I don't really have anything specific in mind--I've (mostly) figured out what I like, and I want more of it! But I wouldn't say no to finding new activities to try, either.

Jade by S. Reynolds - Release Day Blitz


Conner is taking a big risk, working undercover as a drug buyer. His
team is desperately trying to intercept and stop the importation of a
wicked new drug into South Florida. In the middle of a buy, he meets a
young woman, who seems utterly out of place. Alli Reed is helplessly
trapped, having foolishly made the wrong choice. Now, she must deliver
the drugs or die. Worse, she is the sister of one of the team members: the
case just took the worst possible turn!

 Jade is only $2.99 and is available through Amazon at the moment

(Will soon be on all major networks)

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Want to learn more about S. Reynolds?

Author Bio:

     Stephanie is a new indie author who loves to write and read. She lives in West Virginia with her two children and her dog.

     She has a BS in Criminal Justice and has spent her years reading about and exploring the mind. She has many projects scheduled for 2015 and beyond and hopes to also start a fantasy series this year. Her next project will be Ryker, Book 3 in the Special Operations Command Series.

Monday 19 January 2015

BDSMonday - Flagging

It's BDSMonday!

Sorry about being AWOL last week, I wasn't feeling the best (but I'm fine now). I thought I'd do something fun today--flagging!

In a leather/BDSM context, flagging refers to wearing or carrying something to indicate what sort of play you're into or looking for. Having an object on your left means you are into giving/doing that sort of play (wearing a flogger on your left--you're into flogging), and having it on your right means you're into receiving that sort of play (wearing a flogger on your right--you're into being flogged).

You can flag with almost anything, from something subtle like keys--left means you're a Top/Dominant/etc, right means you're a bottom/sub/etc--that can be worn anywhere, to very specific items that you would probably only want to wear to a BDSM event, such as handcuffs, cane or rope.

Then there's the hankie code. This site is a very, very comprehensive list of all the different hanky colours and patterns used to flag and what they all mean. I (Side note: My Sir and I really want houndstooth hankies :D)

Monday 5 January 2015

BDSMonday - Nontraditional Bondage

It's BDSMonday! 

Tying someone up can be easy (or really, really complicated). There are handcuffs (which I'm not a huge fan of, honestly. They're cold, uncomfortable, and leave awkward marks), leather cuffs, rope. You can get a little more creative and use belts, ribbon, ties, all sorts of things that are lying around!

But it doesn't end there!

I was thinking about alternate types of bondage last night, and my brain went straight to this: 

Side note: The Mummy is one of my favourite movies (I can watch it, Jurassic Park 1 or 3 [but not 2], or Jaws pretty much any time). 

Obviously I'm not advocating keeping people as property against their will, but I like the idea of 'bondage' that will show if you've moved without permission...and then of course you have to be punished :D

There's also mental bondage. The bottom (etc) isn't physically restrained, but they're put in a certain position and told to stay just like that...or else ;)

I've done some mental bondage, and I'd like to do more, but my wife and I haven't come up with many scenes for it. 

I'd love to hear any ideas you have along these lines, whether it's a fantasy or something you've done/heard of someone doing. 

BDSM readers--have you read any bondage scenes that involved mental bondage, or something used besides a physical restraint?