Thursday 25 February 2016

"Rumpled Sheets" by Sheri Velarde - Twisted Fables Anthology

Rumpled Sheets by Sheri Velarde – Part of the Twisted Fables Anthology

So I have a not so dirty little secret, and well it’s not much of a secret either, but it is not widely known anymore… I used to work in fashion. Like real fashion for a major house whose name I will not drop, but trust me you have heard of them. It is my time spent in this glamourous and yet not so glamourous setting that inspired my story Rumpled Sheets. To this day I still love and hate that world in turn, it nearly destroyed me yet I saw and did some of the most amazing things in my life.
It can be a cut throat and back stabbing sort of world at time, as Charlie learns, yet there is an undeniable magic to it, as Ron shows us. Of course when thinking about combining a fable and the fashion world, Rumpelstiltskin seemed like to perfect match, except he would of course be a hotter, modern and less of a jerk, version. I think I accomplished what I set out to do. A blend of the real world of fashion and just a hint of the fantastical.  

A mysterious offer sends Charlie Martin into a frenzy. He must create an entire fashion collection within a week or risk losing a backer promising him his dreams. Just when he thinks it’s impossible, someone claiming to know him from his past agrees to help him. That is when things really get interesting for his career and for his heart.
Ron Stein is a likable but forgettable guy. He loves to help people and he really wants to help Charlie, someone from his school days who has finally noticed him. However Ron has some secrets to hide, will they ruin his chance at happiness?

Back at his loft/design studio, Charlie and Ron got down to work. First they went through what Charlie had around already made and ready to show. He was duly impressed with Rob’s keen eye and they soon had a couple of pieces, the rest ruled out as not up to his current standards, but it was a start at least. Next they moved onto sketches and found a few more pieces that would help the collection they were building. They poured over sketches and made plan until the sun had started to rise.
“Wow! Look at the time! We got so much done, mostly thanks to you! Without your critical eye I would still be sitting her with my head spinning in all directions! Let’s get some sleep and truly get started this afternoon?” Charlie yawned, exhaustion hitting him hard all of a sudden.
“I am still buzzing with energy. You go to sleep and I am going to whip out some patterns for a bit. I promise to sleep when I feel the need.” Ron smiled and headed over to a work table. Shaking his head at the other man’s energy, Charlie headed towards his bed. “Make yourself at home, I mean that.”
Ron gave a nod that he’d heard and got to work. Charlie passed out the moment his head hit the pillows.  He knew nothing until he woke up late in the afternoon, cursing himself for sleeping so long and knowing he had put himself way behind an already impossible schedule. “Shit, shit, shit!” He yelled at himself before setting out to find and wake Ron to get to work.
He walked into his work studio and stopped, shocked. While he didn’t see Ron anywhere, all the patterns they had discussed the night before had been made and cut. It should have taken a couple people an entire day to get that much done, yet one man appeared to have done it all in less than eight hours. Some muslin had even been draped on a couple of dress forms, ready for Charlie to get to work.
As he stood there in amazement, wondering where his miracle worker had gone, he heard the door of his loft open and Rob call out, “Are you up sleepy head? I have coffee and we have a lot of work to get done tonight!”
“How… Why… How…” Charlie couldn’t seem to form a coherent thought or sentence.

Author Bio:
Sheri Velarde, lives in New Mexico with her husband and their two dogs.
Being an avid reader since an early age, she has wanted to be a writer for as long as she can remember. She has been writing all her life, but only recently started to actually try to pursue her dream of writing for a living. She specializes in all things paranormal and that go bump in the night. Her heart truly lies in exploring unknown worlds or adding the supernatural to our world. If it goes bump in the night or has magical connotations, Sheri writes about it.
She is constantly putting out new material with various publishers, so it is best to keep up with her on her website 

In her spare time Sheri is an artist, jewelry designer, independent comic writer/artist and freelance non-fiction writer. Hiking in the mountains, going to live concerts, art openings, museums, and hosting intimate dinner parties.

Social Links:
Twitter handle: Sher_V

Wednesday 24 February 2016

"The Dragon's Gift" by Angora Shade - Twisted Fables Anthology

Story Blurb: "The Dragon's Gift" by Angora Shade

Sitting through Maxine’s latest theatre performance about a dragon is an experience her friend dreads, but Maxine’s promise of a surprise for her after the show has piqued her interest. After a production that both pleases and surprises, Maxine—in full dragon costume—motions to meet her friend through a stage side door. In the dark and under the stage, the friend’s desire for Maxine is finally realized…and then some.

Story Excerpt:

I gulp as her claw becomes the flat of her finger, tracing the outline of my mouth and further sending me alight. I want to close my eyes and accept the responses from my body, but my mind tells me I should see who causes them and understand why. But all I see is the dragon and the light of the lantern flickering, appearing and disappearing as the shape of Maxine’s costume continues to sway back and forth, repeatedly blocking it out.
Why knowingly trigger me? Maxine is never cruel, nor does she make decisions lightly. She’s methodical in all aspects of her life, carefully choosing every move before its execution. I think surprise and want to melt into the floor. There could be no greater gift than finally experiencing the touch from the single most desirable person in my life, and no better place for her first experience with the same sex than the exceptionally quiet, still, and private dark under the stage where Maxine has just fabulously performed.
A single clawed digit pushes into my mouth, spreading my lips apart and caressing over the flat of my tongue. I create an O shape around it and curl around her finger. The front of my tongue slides smoothly over her pointed tip as she withdraws, and I enjoy the light smacking sound our actions make from my suction once she’s left my mouth. My mind wanders as I imagine gliding in and out of multiple places…extra-long caresses reaching extra, extra deep…If this is really happening, I tell myself I cannot let her down.
I reach with both my hands to grasp the hand still floating in front of my face. I kiss each knuckle in turn, and then lick the space between her thumb and pointer finger with the tip of my tongue. The texture of the costume is rough in the opposite direction of the layered fabric, and smooth as glass down the other way. I taste something I imagine to be the remnants of stage makeup she might’ve helped a fellow actor draw on, but it’s the warmth radiating from underneath that lures me further; I want to feel it all over my body. Grasping her hand tightly, I place it over my face, guide it down over my features to my neck, and push into the dip of my shirt collar. I feel the trail linger like a mild burn long after her hand cascades onto my shirt fabric and pauses above my rapidly beating heart.
My eyes closed sometime during the action, but I open them to confess what I’ve always wanted to say, “I want you.”
Maxine doesn’t speak a word, but her head tilts from side to side again. I wish she’d say something—anything—to assure me of her intentions. A few touches, some light kisses—they mean less to me without the emotional connection inflicted by words. I’d like to hear her tell me she’s always secretly desired me, been curious. A confession of mutual love would send me over the moon….

Angora Shade Interview Questions and Answers:

1) How long have you been writing and what do you like to write?

I've been writing since I was old enough to scribble with a crayon. I loved creating picture books in elementary school, and I wrote tons of poetry in high school. I didn't get serious with my writing until after college when I moved to Europe. I've written everything from children's picture books to explicit adult erotica, and I'm only now exploring romance. I often find myself wanting to write what I haven't written before, and writing a "sweet" romance is next on my to-do list.

2) What's the story behind "The Dragon's Gift" ?

I've always been amused and fascinated by "beast" and "monster" erotica, which is quite popular at the moment. It's strange, explicit, and over-the-top. I've never written this type of story and "The Dragon's Gift" was an experiment in doing so. My original ending wasn't a happily ever after, and I ended up writing two more endings to see how it would change the overall feeling of the story. This story experience was delightful, challenging, and something I'm glad I attempted.

3) What is your favorite genre to read?

I enjoy reading YA fantasy books. They're quick and easy to read, and usually tell a positive tale about characters seeking redemption. I also like paranormal/horror stories. I grew up eating the words of Anne Rice and wishing I was inside a tale from R.L. Stine. Right now I'm writing only erotica and romance, although I also enjoy writing YA fantasy.

4) What can readers expect to read from you in the future?

There's surely more erotica and romance coming out of my head in the near future, but my next release will be the re-release of "A Normal Girl," which is a fetish-focused novella. It explores the journey of one young man's idea of "normal" where he learns that "normal" is relative, and that his normal is anything but.

Bio: Angora Shade is a multi-published American author living in what she lovingly refers to as "Sheep Shit Nowhere" Europe. In an attempt to add some spice to her small town life, Ms Shade began writing explicit erotica as a form of entertainment. Exploring the boundaries of acceptable sexual literature, she often seeks to create stories that not only entertain others, but also expose and push against the negative stigma surrounding sex in modern day society. She believes that sex, in literature, art, personal thought, and physical nature, should be celebrated and expressed freely and as easily as any God given freedom. Her favorite themes in writing include revenge, self-discovery, alternative materials for love play/bdsm, as well as anything that produces a good tingle, sizzle, or laugh. When not writing, Ms Shade enjoys red wine, travel, dancing, classic cartoons, baking, and creating fine art.

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twitter: @angorashade
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