Monday 22 September 2014

BDSMonday - Sleepy Thoughts

It's BDSMonday!

Today's topic...well, it requires a little explanation.

Okay, um...I've been reading a lot of Star Wars books lately. Like, a lot. And one night, while I was in that falling-asleep-silly-brain state I thought, "Darth Vader would be really good at breath play..."

Look at that! I'm sure he has excellent control!

There's even a video (though I find the lack of apostrophe disturbing. And someone has a lot of time on their hands and it isn't me). 

And then of course that made me think, "I bet the Emperor would be really good at electrical play." 

I have a point, really, I do! Okay, maybe not a point, but close enough! Do you guys have any vanilla-references-that-could-be-turned-kinky to add to my weird list? 

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