Wednesday 15 October 2014

After The End Book Tour - Interview With Sara York

Welcome to my blog Sara, and congratulations on your recent release! Please let me know a little about yourself. 

Other than writing do you have any hobbies? I love working out. About two years ago I started lifting weights with crossfit. It’s become a passion of mine. But I’m not as young as the other crossfitters so it’s not easy all the time. In October I’m doing my first competion at crossfit. My goal is to complete all of the workouts.

What is a typical day for you? Coffee first! After walking the dogs and eating a little breakfast I head to crossfit. Then it’s an hour of working out before eating again. Usually I start work and then eat. More coffee and work. I still have two teens at home so there’s a lot of running around and taking them places. After dinner, at least three days a week I work some more. So basically there’s a lot of coffee and work.

If you could travel through time just once and come back, at what point in time would you go? I’d love to go forward about five hundered years and see what happens.

What in your life gets you really excited? Coffee and food, and working out. I also love traveling with my family. It’s great to spend time with them, hanging out and just reconnecting.

How do you celebrate a new book release? Usually I don’t do much. We lift a glass, I might take a day off, and sometimes we go out to eat. I also like to celebrate by writing another book.

Thank you for having me.

- Sara

You're very welcome, and here's to many more releases!