Wednesday 29 October 2014

Bad Boy: Naughty at Night Blog Tour - Guest Post

When is Cheating, Cheating?
A Guest Post by Jamie Lake

You may have a spouse or significant other, but it's normal to fantasize about other people; people who may be better looking, have a better body or do something exciting with their lives. But when is cheating,
cheating?  When does it stop being just a fantasy and dip into the dark side of compromising and endangering our relationship? That's what I wanted to write about in my book series, Bad Boy. It tells the story of a kindergarten teacher, Peter who moonlights as an erotic massage therapist for gentlemen at night.  He hides this little factoid from the man he started dating for awhile and feels rotten about it. It's not that his boyfriend isn't exciting but being a nude massage therapist lets him explore a part of him, the "slutty side" that he may not be getting from his established relationship. He's made clear guidelines for himself, absolutely not penetration but is that cheating?  Is reading romance novels or watching porn cheating? Is fantasizing about the hot neighbor across the street cheating?  Where is the line drawn? I hope you enjoy reading Bad Boy and think about your own life, how far would you go to satisfy your fantasies?

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