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Bad Boy: Naughty at Night Book Tour + Giveaway

Bad Boy: Naughty at Night
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Book Title:  Bad Boy
Author:  Jamie Lake
Publisher: Jamie Lake (June 25, 2014)
Book Length:  65 pages
Genre:  Novella, MM, Erotica

Book Blurb:
Kindergarten teacher by day, sensual masseuse by night, Peter Davidson never thought things would get so tough that he’d need to give out sensual massages in secret in order to make ends meet. But when the school slashes his hours in half and with no other jobs available in town, he stumbles across the opportunity when fiddling around on an online dating site and a rather handsome older gentleman offers him money.

What he thinks will be a onetime thing turns into a booming business at night, and Peter promises himself he’ll only do it long enough just until he gets caught up. He has nothing else going on in his life, after all.

Handsome, classy and educated as he is, Peter still hasn’t met The One. Until, that is, he meets Chip - the
parent of a new student, who turns out to be more man than he’s ever dreamed of.

What will Chip say if he finds out what Peter is doing on the side? And, what’s worse, what will the school say when they find out this teacher has been a very bad boy?

Author Bio:
My name is Jamie Lake and I'm the author of more than 12 gay romance novels. I've been a big fan of gay romance books ever since I started reading them and I really try to do something a little  different. Some of my favorite gay romance mm authors are Kindle Alexander, Sara York, Riley Hart and  River Jaymes.

With my own novels, I like to give my readers all the hot steamy scenes they like, but I also write characters with a lot of drama.

Every single character I write has a piece of me in them and in many ways, their situations have mirrored things I've been through in my own life or other people I know have been through. Whether it's Casey in "Boyfriend for Rent" who was kicked out his boyfriend's house suddenly or Chris in "The Trainer" who was cheated on or even Peter in the "Bad Boy" series who was desperate to find love and stability, I've been there and done that.

Fortunately for me, I have a wonderful partner now, so I know the heights of true love but I also know the lows of a messy breakup. I hope you enjoy reading my gay romance mm stories as much I enjoy writing And although my books have found amazing success, I'm so grateful for every single one of my readers who have helped me make my dream of becoming a full-time gay romance author come true. You rock!

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Excerpt (Prologue):

“Remember, I’m kinda new at this,” Peter fibbed a little. He wasn’t exactly brand new: he had done it before. He’d even gotten paid for it. He wasn’t an expert though, so he didn’t want Nate getting mad if he made a mistake. This was one of the casino’s top high rollers, and he was afraid of being punished for a mistake. He twisted his bottle of essential oils open, releasing the heady aroma of eucalyptus and peppermint into the air. Truth was, he was nervous.

It’s not as though it was first time he’d ever had a man in his bedroom: he’d certainly taken advantage of the rare night of privacy while his roommate was away.

“I’m sure it’ll be great,” Nate mumbled into the massage table, face down, his shirt off. He was a handsome older gentleman, Peter noted: maybe in his mid-fifties, and he resembled a young Jeff Bridges, with graying hair. Unlike Bridges, Nate kept his locks cut short. His powerful shoulders and confident stance made him look like the CEO type.

Except Peter knew what he really was: not a CEO by far. Nate was a 'made' man: the mob, the mafia - whatever they called them nowadays, Peter didn’t know, but the power that seeped out of Nate’s pores was intoxicating.

Beefy, well-built. It’d obviously been awhile since he’d gotten laid. Peter could smell the pheromones emitting from him, and they were as strong as a man’s cologne. It made his mouth water, and he knew that it would only take one touch in the right place, and he was sure to come undone beneath his hands.

Peter bit his lip and allowed his eyes to roam over the taut body lying before him, waiting patiently for him to begin.

He took a deep breath and steadied himself, concentrating on the soft ambient music filtering out of the built-in speakers. As much as he wanted to just jump right on Nate– and oh God! did he want to – he knew the benefits of taking his time. After all, there was no hurry.

Nate was the type of man who was used to being serviced, who always got what he wanted, Peter could tell, and he was going to enjoy this immensely.

The candles flickered, casting dancing amber shadows across the cream-coloured walls, as the oil pouring into Peter’s hand slid down his strong muscular forearms. Two, three drops fell from his elbow and splashed onto Nate’s skin.

Peter smiled to himself as the mature man’s buttocks clenched unwittingly under his jeans at the unexpected sensation.

“You ready?” he asked, in his deep rich voice, rubbing his hands together to evenly distribute the oil.

“Better take off my pants,” Nate said, sitting up and unbuttoning them. He was thick and had a semi-hard-on already. Peter had actually never seen a bulge that big, and the thought of what lay beneath his boxers made his imagination go wild.

“All right,” Nate said, lying face down on the bed. “Do me.”

Shivers went up Peter’s spine at the command. He swallowed hard.

He laid his strong hand on Nate’s upper back; the pressure was firm, but not painful, as he slid his hands up and down Nate’s upper back and shoulders, gliding his thumbs like magic, working out the kinks and knots that had gathered there from days spent behind a desk.

“Mmm, that’s right,” Nate said, his voice barely more than a growl of pleasure as he enjoyed the pressure running up and down his spine.

It was the type of growl that drove men crazy and got them hard, thick, and fast, and Peter was no exception.

His heart was racing and his cock was stirring. It’d been so long since Peter had gotten laid, and his mind couldn’t shift from the thought of sitting on Nate’s lap, riding his cock like a bronco, kissing him, holding onto the back of his neck, running his fingers through his salt and pepper hair, gripping hard as he began to lose control.

His eyes floated down to Nate’s bubble butt. His boxer briefs were floating over his thick rump, playing peek-a-boo, and Peter had to admit, he had a nice ass. Must have played football when he was younger, but he hadn’t lost his muscular tone.

Peter’s hands slid down from the center of Nate’s back to just above his rump, his thumbs sliding under the elastic over either side of his cheeks, then meeting in the middle, servicing him just the way he was supposed to do.

“Is this okay?” Peter asked, watching him closely for the barely perceptible signs that he should continue or stop.

“Oh yeah, you do have good hands,” Nate responded.

Peter smiled to himself in satisfaction and slid the boxers down to Nate’s thighs, the cool air running over his bare ass as he massaged the inside of his cheeks, his fingers gripping just under his pelvis then sliding back up to the center of his crack.

“Oh, yeah,” Nate rumbled, “Mmm ... that’s what daddy likes.” The words drifted into the air almost unconsciously.

Fuck, this was hot, Peter thought. He was getting desperately turned on, and he could tell Nate was too. He wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer.

His mind was racing. How he just wanted to pull Nate’s boxers down and suck that thick cock of his he knew was hiding inside. He could smell their mutual arousal: the strong, distinctive aroma of pre-cum mingling with the peppermint of the oil.

Nate shifted and turned around to stare up at Peter with those blue-grey eyes and thick eyebrows which were raised in sly expectation. It was the type of stare that let Peter know Nate was in control and he expected to get what he wanted, one way or another.

Peter’s eyes looked away, not wanting to lose himself in that hypnotic gaze, until Nate lifted his chin so his eyes were locked on his.

“Now,” he said smoothly, sternly. Peter quivered. “I know you’re good with your hands, so how about those lips?”

God, Peter wanted to blow him, to feel that thick cock melt in his mouth. He’d never gone that far with a client and promised he wouldn’t, no matter how hot they were, but God damn!

This was strictly an erotic massage: that was it. But it’d been so long since he’d gotten laid, and God! was he needing it badly, today more than ever.

He began to kneel down toward Peter’s crotch, the hot aroma of his erection turning him on.

But Nate stopped him. “Not those lips,” he said in that low voice that turned Peter’s legs to jelly. “Let’s see about your other ones...between your cheeks.”

Peter was getting wet and sweaty with the thought of it, but his eyes migrated over to the clock ticking away steadily underneath the smooth, piping music.

He knew, sensibly, that he’d better cut the session short before things went too far. He couldn’t afford to lose this job.

Besides, Peter had to teach school in the morning. And kindergarteners weren’t the easiest of students. However, it was the principal who Peter feared the most. If he ever found out what Peter’s secret night job was, he’d be sure to fire him on the spot.

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