Monday 21 April 2014

BDSMonday - Different Types of Masochism

It's pretty unusual for my wife to be in the mood for bottoming, but it happens from time to time. While sadism or topping in general aren't really my things, I like to make sure that all of her needs are met, so I oblige.

The last time she wanted some impact play was about a month ago, and I was struck by how different our approaches are to BDSM-type pain. 

For me, the pain is the goal (*heh* I accidentally typed gaol...) It's enough, in and of itself, for me. I get off on it, whether or not any traditionally sexual activity is happening at the same time. 

For my wife, however, the pain is a means, a way to release emotion and energy and to get into an altered state of mind. 

It's like the difference between drinking because you like the taste of alcohol, and drinking because you had a shitty day and want to take the edge off it. (Not that I'm advocating irresponsible drinking or play, but there are definitely times that a drink or a spanking can turn your whole outlook on life around!)

I fall into the first category (in my analogy and not--I do like the taste of alcohol). Alcohol's effects are a pleasant bonus, but not usually why I drink (or play). 

When my wife is bottoming, it's the equivalent to knocking back a shot of whisky and pulling a face afterward--get it over with so you can get intoxicated. 

Which type of masochist (or drinker!) are you? Which other kinds of masochism have you encountered?


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