Monday 18 February 2019

What's Better than a Giveaway or a Party? Both!

Once again I've teamed up with other M/M romance authors to bring you a great big giveaway! These books are available for free until the 28th.

Congratulations to The Romance Reviews for eight years and counting! It's an honour and a privilege to take part in their celebration again. Make sure you head over after the first for the chance to win some great prizes!

Thursday 19 July 2018

Free Summer eBooks!

Hey guys! Hope you're all having a great summer so far. Just wanted to let you know that I'm part of two group ebook giveaways on BookFunnel:

Mid Summer Gay Romance & Erotica Giveaway

Free & Queer Summer Romances

If you're looking for some free summer reading, we've got you covered.

Sunday 25 March 2018

Fifth Publish-versary!

Five years ago today my first short story was published, and I'm still going strong thanks to readers, editors, friends, and bloggers like you.

To show my appreciation, I'm offering three free ebooks (Amber, Bits & Bones, and My Zombie Boyfriend) to my newsletter subscribers.

You can sign up here.

Thank you all for making these last five years great, and here's to five more!

Tuesday 13 February 2018

Boxed Set: All You Need is Love

Inline image 1

Romance Collections is proud to present these fourteen stories of love that know no boundaries. Like rivers flowing through the canvas of earth, these stories will run deep, touch softly and leave you breathless. 

No matter who it is with, passion is magnificent, desires are bold, and love is beautiful.


The Omega Shift, by Tamsin Baker
Running in Circles, by Jess Buffett
Burning for Him, by Kristine Cayne
Three: A Love Story, by Adriana Kraft
Stop me Falling, by Cate Farren
Fall for You, by Valerie Ullmer
Homecoming, by Kai Tyler
Lesbian Alien Affairs, by Lexi Thorne
Bound for Landia, by Izzy Szyn
Wide Awake, by Aeryn Jaden
Once Upon a Crush, by Dana Kenzi
The Honest Change, by Celia Fay
Cupid’s Valentine, by Dani Gray

Wednesday 7 February 2018

Valentine's Day Sale

 Amber - free!

Anthony is an artist who can no longer see color. Teague offers his salvation, if Anthony doesn't drive him away first. 

Free on Smashwords until February 15th with coupon code NJ76U 


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Bits & Bones - free!

Four short stories from the world of the Undead Canadian series, including two previously unpublished works! 

Free on Smashwords until February 15th with coupon code EE28V 


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New release!

Rook - 20% off

For killing his husband, Rook is sent to B-226—an alien planet populated by deadly creatures, where the average life expectancy for a prisoner is three weeks.

20% off from Less Than Three Press 


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My Zombie Boyfriend - 50% off!

Book 1 in the Undead Canadian series

Edward Grey is a necromancer who's never met a ghost. In Kingston, Ontario, he has to face a powerful spirit without his mentor's aid.

50% off on Smashwords until February 15th with coupon code WJ36R   


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My Zombie FiancĂ© - 50% off!

Book 2 in the Undead Canadian series

Edward Grey is a necromancer who's never met a ghost. In Kingston, Ontario, he has to face a powerful spirit without his mentor's aid.

50% off on Smashwords until February 15th with coupon code DK35B  


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My Zombie Wedding - 50% off!

Book 3 in the Undead Canadian series

Edward Grey is a necromancer who's never met a ghost. In Kingston, Ontario, he has to face a powerful spirit without his mentor's aid.

50% off on Smashwords until February 15th with coupon code DK35B  


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Sunday 14 January 2018

Re/Captured by Michele Zurlo

Re/Captured (Doms of the FBI 7)

Keith and Katrina are back! Reader favorites Keith Rossetti and Katrina Legato from Re/Paired (Doms of the FBI 2) return for another emotional, sexy, and dangerous adventure. Blurb: When a day helping out at Legal Aid puts Katrina in the crosshairs of a serial killer bent on sending his version of romantic gifts, life starts to spiral out of control. Not only is she trying to plan her wedding, but work and home life are increasingly hectic. Keith has doubts about Kat and the reasons she keeps postponing the wedding, so he sets out to recapture her heart. Meanwhile, the serial killer’s obsession with Katrina only grows—threatening her entire family. Sacrifices must be made, but can love help them survive the fallout?

Warnings: BDSM, anal sex, D/s

Buy Links:
Barnes and Noble: KOBO:
D2D Universal Link:

PG Excerpt 1:

Understanding Keith’s message—he’d wanted to put her mind at ease with regard to the children so that she could focus on submitting to him—she lowered her gaze. “Can I have ten minutes to put my bag away and freshen up?” “Yes. I set out what I want you to wear.” His voice washed through her senses, overpowering her with peace and excitement. “Thank you.” Briefcase in hand, she turned to follow his instructions. “Kitty Kat.” The unspoken order halted her. She turned back to him. “Yes?” “I want a kiss.” Closing the distance she lifted her face. He caressed her cheek with one hand and wrapped the other around her waist to support her lower back, two points of contact only. His lips brushed hers, teasing at a third point. He massaged, a gentle pressure welcoming her home and to her role as his submissive. Slave to his mastery, she sighed into it, dropping her briefcase and lifting her arms to twine them around his neck, and she pressed her chest to his. He deepened the kiss, plunging his tongue deep to taste and stab. The hand on her cheek slid into her hair, and the one on her back lowered to squeeze her ass. She forgot about everything. The stresses of her day fell away as she melted in the face of his demand. He broke away to trail sucking kisses down her neck, stopping when the collar of her dress shirt got in his way. “Go,” he said. “Take your ten minutes, and then you’re mine.”

PG Excerpt 2:

“Put your dress on. Tell me how you look.” Though he couldn’t see it, she parked her hand on her hip. “Keith, this is highly inappropriate, and it’s bad luck.” Her pulse raced. Though she thought of the wedding as a formality, she couldn’t help but get a little excited for the actual event. His husky chuckle crackled through the phone. “I don’t believe in bad luck, and I can’t masturbate to mental images of you in that dress if I don’t know what it looks like.” Her fake chagrin melted. She whispered her reply. “You want to masturbate to mental images of me in a wedding dress? That’s weird. You have actual pictures of me wearing lingerie.” He also had a picture of her pussy that he refused to delete. Good thing his phone was password and fingerprint protected. “I like those pictures.” His voice dropped as the Dom in him asserted itself. “But, Kitty Kat, the wedding dress says unequivocally that you belong to me. Nothing is sexier than that.” Her breath caught at his tone. “You’re such a romantic.” “How about a picture?” “Nope.” She smiled as she refused him. “I’m not bending on this. You can’t see my dress before the wedding.” “At least tell me what the neckline looks like. And how long is the skirt? What are you wearing under it?” She laughed. “No clues. You’ll have to wait.” “Tease.” “A tease would send you pictures of random dresses.”

Reviews for Re/Paired 

"Wow. This book was so freaking hot!! [Re/Paired] has great balance....heavy on the romance with enough suspense to keep it interesting and that's how I like it."--Under the Covers Book Blog 5 Stars/Purest Delight from Guilty Pleasures: "This was a great read with a damaged Dom who learns to cherish his sub, a lot of hot BDSM action, suspense, and complex relationships."

If you haven't yet enjoyed Re/Paired, you can pick it up here:
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