Saturday 19 April 2014

A-Z Challenge: Queen, The

If any of you have heard this one already, I'm sorry., I guess.

When I was dating the girl I mentioned way back in L, the Queen came to our city. Naturally, we decided to skip class (which was actually really out of character for both of us, I'd like to point out) and go to see her.

We picked a few flowers from her garden (my girlfriend's, not the Queen's) and set off. Everyone stood in a line with their flowers or whatever. The Queen would take them and then hand them off to her carrying-flowers-guy (who was disappearing beneath them. Seriously. I have no idea how it was physically possible for him to hold so many bouquets).

As the Queen made her way toward us, my girlfriend apparently started having second thoughts. With every step the Queen took, my girlfriend put the flowers a little further behind her back. But the Queen had spotted them. She knew we had the damn flowers. By the time she got to us, the bouquet was completely behind my girlfriend's back.

So the entire procession came to a complete grinding halt in front of us, while I was frantically elbowing my drill sergeant girlfriend's side and hissing, "Give her the flowers!" out of the corner of my mouth.

Finally, she handed the bouquet over. The Queen said, "Thank you, my dear", and moved on.

It was, I think, a much more valuable experience than that afternoon's classes would have been.

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