Saturday 29 March 2014

BDSMonday Archive - January 13 2014

It’s BDSMonday!

Today’s question is about finding time to play. It can be hard to squeeze in between eating, sleeping, work (I have no idea how those of you with kids do it!)

What are some quick, easy kinky things you like to do when you don’t have much time or energy?

My Sir usually ends up biting and/or spanking me if our batteries are running low. Teeth and hands are always, well, handy! We don’t always have a full scene. It might just be a quick little giggly fun. I know that I, for one, tend to get a bit squirrely if I don’t play for a long time! Sometimes I’m not even sure why I’m feeling weird or down, and then I play and go ohhhhhhhh. Right.

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