Friday 23 May 2014

Review: Locking Horns by Kay Berrisford

4 1/2 stars. 

I won this book, and I was thrilled! It sounded really interesting and I wasn't disappointed. The mythology of the story is comfortable and familiar without seeming stale. 

I really enjoyed Herne and Tam's relationship (not just the naughty parts--but those are HOT!) Their worries and concerns about each other are very realistic and well-explored, with a satisfying resolution. 

A lovely blend of fantasy, romance and erotica, with just enough kink to make me perk up and have my mind spiralling off in interesting directions. 

I can't wait to read the others in this series (after which, I'll probably track down more of Kay's writing). 

I loved the use of antlers in the story...I might be a sucker for men with (eroticised) antlers...

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