Friday 30 May 2014

The Fancy Dancer

I just had a random memory, and I'm surprised I didn't think to write about this sooner! The Fancy Dancer was one of the first M/M books I ever read. I found it in a gas station on the way to my friend's cabin, which was really random. Not really what I'd expect to find in a gas station in a small town on the Canadian prairies!

The title caught my eye because, while I'm white, there's a very high native population in my area, and I've been exposed to a lot of native culture during my life.

When I saw what it was about, I knew I had to buy it (and I think it was only .99 or something ridiculous like that, because it was a used book in a gas station).

I really, really enjoyed it, but I've only read all of it once. I've picked it up a few times, but I haven't finished it. It's beautiful and important and...really depressing.

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