Friday 16 May 2014

Simple Things

Here's a simple little D/s activity my Sir and I like to do: I'll have a bowl of small tidbits (we've used pistachios, grapes and mandarin orange segments so far), and I feed them to my Sr. It's especially fun if the food is something that needs to be shelled or peeled. I do the troublesome preparation, and my Sir can just have the tasty food without having to work for it. 

We both find it very enjoyable, on several levels. For us, it shows submission, love and caring. It's a very relaxing and low-key form of D/s, perfect for watching a movie or just hanging out on the couch. It reinforces our power dynamic without either of us having to expend much time or energy--perfect after a day of work!

What little D/s activities do you like to do?

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