Monday 7 July 2014

BDSMonday - Three Questions

It's BDSMonday!

Today, I thought it would be nice to share experiences. If there's something you've always wanted to try but never gotten the chance, you can get an idea of what to expect from others in the BDSMonday-sphere.

If there's something you've never tried because it seems frightening, you can have your fears assuaged (or reinforced!) by someone who has done that activity. So, what is...

Something you haven't gotten to try
Something you're scared to try
Something that was a letdown

For me, I haven't gotten to try suspension, I'm scared to try flesh hooks, and fireplay was a letdown (at least the kind with the sticks and the alcohol-soaked cotton. To me it just felt like being licked by a dog. To be fair, it was during a demo, not a scene, so I wasn't really in the zone).

Vanilla Corner: Is there a BDSM activity you've fantasized about trying? Which part of BDSM scares you the most? Have you tried a fantasy and had it not live up to your expectations? 

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