Saturday 5 July 2014

Random Fact Time!

I feel like sharing a Random Fact about myself.

My pupils are different sizes.

I was blissfully unaware of this fact, until my first girlfriend's mother pointed it out. And told me that, because I hadn't suffered recent head trauma, I probably had a brain tumor so I should get it checked out.

I was thoroughly freaked out from that moment until I could get an ophthalmologist appointment.

They anesthetized my eyes, and I highly don't recommend it. I could feel my eyelids opening and closing over my eyes and it was a really weird sensation. Bleh. Then they blew air in my eyes.

Then the ophthalmologist ran a whole bunch of tests...and then told me that about 25% of people naturally have differently-sized pupils. Ya couldn't have told me that from the beginning??? This couldn't be public knowledge?!

He was like, yeah, it's probably nothing. Let's dilate your pupils for shits and giggles (otherwise known as being cautious, but I was pretty fed up by that time). Getting your pupils dilated is not much fun, but not nearly as bad as the eye anesthesia.

At least I live in Canada so the experience was free. If I'd had to pay for it, I'd have billed my ex's mom.

I would love to hear a Random Fact about you!

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