Saturday 12 April 2014

A-Z Challenge: K is for Kink :D

I've been a masochist literally as long as I can remember. I still have my baby blanket packed away somewhere, and if you were to look at it you'd see that one corner is all twisted and grotelated from me shoving it under my fingernails for years.

I remember watching The Muppets' Christmas Carol with my mom when I was five or so, and asking my mom why Gonzo kept being disappointed when Rizzo got hurt and he didn't. She explained that he liked pain, and I could relate to that.

I've always been into bondage--my mom used to give me her string ties (I don't even want to know why she had so many. I don't think I ever saw her wear one) to play with, and bring me locks and keys to fiddle with. I sometimes tied all of my stuffed animals to the bed, or tied myself up. I was so good with rope that someone once told me I was better at knots than their Scout Master. I once bragged that I could escape from having my hands tied behind my back, so my grandfather did. And I escaped. (He also once shut me in the garage until I learned to make a sound by blowing over a bottle. These are both good memories, oddly enough...)

I always knew more or less what I wanted; it wasn't a struggle or a discovery to realize that I was into BDSM as I got older. I cannot thank the internet enough for being around during my sexually formative years, bursting with kinky information. I can't even imagine how lonely those pre-internet days must have been for budding kinky people.

(Fun fact: the first time I heard the term 'BDSM', I was watching The Matrix with my (first, now ex) girlfriend. When we got to the club scene, she turned to me and said, "Ew, BDSM!" I asked her what that meant, and I don't remember what she told me but she made it sound really scary and definitely something to be avoided. She also told me about how she didn't like reading BDSM LotR fanfic with bondage and stuff, and I was like, "...yes...terrible. Tell me more, so I can be sure to avoid it..." *shifty eyes* And then we had lots of (what I would consider kinky) roleplays.

How about you guys? Particular kinks? Childhood proclivities? :D

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