Wednesday 9 April 2014

A-Z Challenge: H is for Horse

I've always loved horses.

My mom doesn't like animals, so I didn't have a pet until I was nine (okay, I had goldfish when I was four or five, but they didn't even live with me). We used to go horseback riding for my birthdays, and when I was old enough I started taking riding lessons.

I always wanted a horse, but I never really believed I'd get the chance. Even now that I've had a horse for more than three years, I still can't believe it!

My wife and I met a couple through our local BDSM group. The wife was a horse breeder, and when she found out I was interested in horses, she encouraged me to come out and meet hers. She bred Friesians and was just beginning a Drum Horse breeding program. One of the mares she'd purchased for the Drum Horse program had arrived already pregnant and had her foal. The foal's sire was unknown, and she wasn't a Drum Horse, so she was being sold. I leapt at the opportunity. I paid $250 and agreed to help around the farm to pay for board. What could be better than working at a horse farm in return for having a horse?

My baby! 

Jehna as I first met her--a baby moose (she ate that halter)

We eventually moved her to a boarding stable, where she grew and grew and oh dear god she's still growing. She is (probably) at least half Shire, possibly fully.

She loves to jump. I do not. Hence, free jumping

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