Thursday 3 April 2014

A-Z Challenge: C is for Cats

You heard the meme. I have to do my part to keep those tubes full.

I currently have two cats, Phantom and Lee.


This picture of Lee is a few years old, but it's my favourite. It really captures her...personality. She's got loooooots of personality. The people we got her from told us she had the most personality, and they weren't wrong. We just weren't clever enough to realize that 'personality' was code for 'trouble'. Her full name is Lee Peskypaws (it was originally Diggypaws because she used to play in her litter box all the time, but she outgrew that). She was supposed to be my kitten, because my wife had a Siamese when we met, but Lee turned out to be more my wife's cat. Her favourite thing in life is water--to drink, not bathe in. We have a hamster water bottle attached to her kennel, and she loves it. 


I have two favourite pictures of I have to post both of them. In the top one, he posed himself with a teacup. And no one was surprised, because he's such a little gentlekitty. The second is much more recent, taken after he'd been running around like a nut for an hour and had finally collapsed. I'm very, very biased, but the bottom picture is one of the cutest cat pictures I've ever seen. He's very much my cat, and he's very protective of me. The first few times my wife and I played after we got him, he sat on a cat tree in the bedroom and watched my wife very intently. When we did a scene where I was kneeling in the corner, he got between me and the wall and sat there looking up at me, like he was prepared to call 911! (He's since seen enough play to realize it's not something I'm opposed to, so he usually leaves the room.) 

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