Wednesday 14 May 2014


"A speculum (Latin for "mirror") (plural specula or speculums) is a medical tool for investigating body cavities, with a form dependent on the body cavity for which it is designed.
Vaginal and anal specula are also sometimes used as sex toys, but this is uncommon."

Speculums feel great. A toy I love that I don't play with often enough. It's not something I would want to do every day, but it's definitely wonderful from time to time. A great toy for any medical scene (and everyone needs more of those), or just for shits and giggles--I guarantee both.

Something I really like about speculums is that they can be used to stretch an orifice, which I enjoy the feeling and thought of, but you have more control over the expansion than, say, an inflatable toy. Inflatable toys go from size to size in big jumps, and sometimes the interval is too much, so it hurts. Speculums, however, can be adjusted in very small, controlled increments.

Our speculum came like this, with three prongs. Unless you are into serious anal pain, I recommend taking the third prong off, leaving only the top two! Otherwise, the third prong sticks out a bit, and loves to catch your delicate anal flesh. It's easy to do: you just loosen the knob shown in the picture (the bottom one), remove the third prong, and put the knob back.

Another thing I love about speculums (once you've removed the third prong as mentioned above) is that there's a tempting space between the prongs where flesh is revealed. Just the right size for a finger. This feels amazing.

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