Thursday 15 May 2014

Is This Question Appropriate?

I made a little flow chart for those moments when someone wants to ask a (gay, trans, non-binary, aboriginal, etc.) person a question and aren't sure if it's something they should ask. In this case, 'normal' is defined by the person who wants to ask the question. 

I realize that (hopefully!) most of the people reading my blog will already be aware of how rude being interrogated about some aspect of your identity is. Most likely, the people who really need this chart won't see it. 

But I have to try!

If you're in the habit of asking your "normal" neighbors and coworkers things like,
"Which one of you is the man?" 
"Can I touch your hair?"
"How far along is your surgery?"

Then please continue!

Otherwise...yeah, you probably shouldn't be asking someone you hardly know. 

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