Sunday 12 April 2015

My Zombie Boyfriend One Week Countdown - Day Five: Edward

Day five, and here's the last character to introduce: Edward. 

Model: Aidan Turner

My Zombie Boyfriend is told from Edward's point of view. At age four (and a half), his cat, Boo, died. He brought Boo back from the dead (not very well...he was only four and it was his first zombie!) and has had him ever since.

Edward grew up to become a medical student. His life is simple, and he likes it that way: school, weekly dinners with his parents, and training his necromancy with his mentor, Mariel. He definitely wasn't looking for the added complication of Kit.

Edward's life has been a fairly sheltered one, both socially and sexually. The only people he's slept with (to my knowledge...he's shy about these things!) are Mariel and Bone.

Kit is exactly what's needed to draw Edward out into the world--whether he wants to or not!

Here's Edward's board on Pinterest.

I feel as though Edward's playlist might require a little explanation, especially to non-Canadians. When I was growing up, you could hardly turn on a TV without seeing the National Film Board's animations of the Black Fly Song or the Log Driver's Waltz, and as Edward is only a few years younger than me, it seemed like an experience he would have had too. Edward's musical experience is limited, so the majority of his music comes from other people, like his father. His playlist is very nostalgic for the most part, with the exception of The Ballad of Serenity. Firefly is one of the few shows Kit and Edward can enjoy together. I drew most heavily on my own experience for this playlist: my mom didn't listen to a wide variety of music, so I basically grew up on Jesus Christ Superstar, Les Miserables, and Mozart.

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