Saturday 11 April 2015

My Zombie Boyfriend One Week Countdown - Day Four: Kit

Wow, here we are on day four of the countdown already! Please join me in welcoming Kit!

Model: Taylor Hanson.
Kit, for those of you who aren't yet aware, is not a typical zombie. Oh, Edward intended for him to be (at least he likes to tell himself that), but Kit has a mind and will of his own. And personality. Hooooo boy does he have personality! He's smart, sarcastic, and sassy. He prefers to be called an Undead Canadian.

Understandably, after waking up in a strange man's basement and being told he's a zombie, Kit is wary of Edward at first, and isn't convinced that Edward didn't kill him. It takes Kit a long time to warm up to Edward as he adjusts to his new afterlife...unlife?

Kit has quite a crush on Mariel, at least at the beginning of the book. (For her part, Mariel likes Kit, but she likes her zombies as, well, zombies. Kit is far too independent for her liking.)

My Zombie Boyfriend trivia: The Official Preppy Handbook, which I mention in the book, is a real thing. I read it while I was researching MZB and it is hilarious.

Not only does Kit have a Pinterest board, he also has a Tumblr. While I was creating both of those, I realized that Kit has many more hobbies and interests than I do...

This is a little embarrassing to admit, but Kit's playlist was the most difficult of all to create, for the simple reason that my wife and I aren't as cool as him. We don't follow popular music, and Kit definitely does. I only hope I've done him justice! (I've also included a song from My Little Pony because, not only is it a very Kit song, Kit watches MLP and is basically Rarity in zombie form).

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