Friday 10 April 2015

My Zombie Boyfriend One Week Countdown - Day Three: Mariel

Here we are on day three of the countdown, and I can't wait to formally introduce you to Mariel!

Model: Aïssa Maïga 
Mariel is a practicing Vodou Priestess, or Mambo, and Edward's mentor for necromancy. She's older than Edward and has been honing her abilities for longer (though exactly how much longer remains a mystery...) so her necromancy is more powerful, and she often saves Edward's butt.

She has a Haitian accent and speaks Creole with her zombie servant, Pierre, but has never disclosed much to Edward about her past.

In the book, I chose to go with 'Vodou' rather than the more commonly seen 'Voodoo', because my research led me to believe it's a more accurate spelling.

My Zombie Boyfriend trivia: In her early design, before I started writing the book, Mariel had a daughter named Kamaria. For all I know, she's out there somewhere...

Here's Mariel's Pinterest board:

Enjoy a Mariel-inspired playlist! Creating this playlist had its own set of problems. A lot of the songs I wanted to add made me think of her, but weren't necessarily what she would listen to, which is what I was going for. A few of the songs, like Toccata and Fugue and The Witch Queen of New Orleans, I couldn't resist including...but I can also see her enjoying the music and laughing about it.

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