Monday 6 April 2015

BDSMonday - Pedicures

It's BDSMonday!

One of the ways I like to serve my Sir is by giving pedicures--sometimes with nail polish, sometimes without.

For those of you who've never given a pedicure, here's how I do it:

- remove any old nail polish thoroughly
- soak feet in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Add Epsom salts or any other commercial foot soak (we like lavender Epsom salts)
- use exfoliating cream/callous grater
- rinse feet
- clip toenails straight across to help prevent ingrown toenails
- file toenails to smooth any rough edges
- push back cuticles. Use cuticle moisturizer if they don't push back easily after soaking
- use a loofah or pumice stone (we prefer a pumice stone) on roughened areas. Make sure skin is very moist before using the stone. You can put lotion directly on the stone before using
- slather on more lotion and place feet in plastic bags. Wrap warm towels around them or put on thick socks (we usually use socks) and let the lotion soak in for at least 15 minutes
- remove plastic bags and massage leftover lotion into feet

And voila! Happy, relaxed feet and happy, relaxed sub. It's a great way for both of us to unwind, and a way for me to offer practical service.

Stay tuned next week for an exclusive BDSMonday cover reveal for my upcoming M/M BDSM romance--Lock and Key! Some of you may remember Boots and Leather. Lock and Key is the sequel, and it will also re-release Boots and Leather for those of you who missed it the first time around.