Friday 11 July 2014

Texts From a Broken Phone

The middle of my wife's cellphone touch screen crapped out the other day, so she (and I, when I'm replying for her) have had to come up with entertaining work-arounds for the missing letters (T, Y, F, G, C, V, an space). Here are some of them:

Sounds swell.See.u.morning (That one was from me. I was pretty proud of coming up with 'swell', because I couldn't use any of the usual "good" words that start with 'F' or 'P')

Key board write properly

Is so busy next day

My personal favourite--
    Me: My grandparents want to take us out for food on our anniversary
    Wife: Oooon
             (I have no idea what she meant and neither did she because she fell asleep right after sending me those texts. She may in fact have been asleep when she sent them). 

Coworker: Would you be able to come back for a bit? 
   Wife: Es.need me question mark

Apparently those missing letters mark the difference between modern humans and cavemen. Who know? (And that was a typo but I left it because it's funny)

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