Tuesday 5 April 2016

Five Star Review for My Zombie Boyfriend

I just had to share this review from Laura at Amo's Book Corner. (Note: review contains a few minor spoilers): 

"This book took me completely by surprise. I loved this quirky story; it was the perfect mix of comedy, horror, m/m and paranormal romance all rolled into one.

Medical student by day and necromancer by night; Edward Grey leads a very insular existence. Attending classes during the day, weekly dinners with his parents and harnessing his powers with the assistance of his mentor, Mariel, in the evenings. His social circle is very limited with only Boo, his cat and first Zombie, as his constant companion. He’d rather have his nose in a book or be doing experiments in his basement.

On the way home from Mariel’s one night he comes across the fresh corpse of an attractive young male around his age and his power calls him to raise the man from the dead. And if he happens to ring Edward’s bell…..well that’s neither here nor there ;)

After his hilarious escapades getting the corpse home, Edward does just that. Only things don’t go as Edward expected; this is no brainless Zombie. This Zombie can talk and think for himself but has no memory of who he once was.

Edward christens him Kit, and the beginnings of a tentative friendship are forged. Kit has a flair for
fashion and design and proves to be just the tonic Edward needs. Kit goes about making the most of his undead life; getting a job, revamping not just Edward’s house but his wardrobe as well. The boy loves to shop! 

Edward’s attraction to Kit only grows as they get to know one another. His feelings become *coughs* harder to hide with hilarious consequences:

“He was certainly distressing my jeans and I hoped he wouldn’t notice.”

The smexy scenes are both heartfelt and intimate, but laugh out funny and squeamish at the same time!! Just as the two are settling into a burgeoning relationship, Kit’s memories return. What does this mean for them both with Kit hell-bent on revenge?!?!

There is a host of colourful characters including Edward’s mentor, Mariel and his eccentric parents who take everything in their stride. A Zombie cat with knack for losing body parts – thank heavens for a needle and thread!

I honestly can’t recommend this book more and I’m just ashamed to admit this is the first work I’ve read by this author. I loved the writing style and flow of the book. I eagerly look forward to reading more in the series.

Note: Copy kindly received from author in exchange for honest review."

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