Monday 22 December 2014

BDSMonday - Scenes VS Impromptu

It's BDSMonday!

Today I'm asking about different kinds of play, and which you prefer to participate in or read about.

By a scene, I mean advanced planning, with specific ideas in mind: "You're going to be the pirate captain who ties me up, spanks me, and has his wicked way with me!" A scene can be set out by the top, bottom, or both!

By impromptu, I mean grabbing a sub for a surprise spanking, greeting your Dom(me) at the door on your knees with a cup of tea, anything spontaneous.

BDSM readers--do you prefer reading about elaborate scenes, or spur-of-the-moment, wild play? (Or a bit of both!)


  1. In fiction, I enjoy both. IRL, I prefer impromptu. Since I live with impromptu BDSM play, I do prefer it a bit more in fiction because sometimes the planned scenes can inspire a bit of "won twue way" behavior by some authors.

  2. ...yeaahhhhh I can definitely see that happening in fiction. I haven't run into much of it, but most of the BDSM fiction I've read has been both people are new to it, or one has slightly more experience. I -think- (and I could be totally wrong) that M/M BDSM has less of the "I am the Uberdom, you are the natural submissive!" Or at least I haven't seen nearly as much.

    While my Sir and I have done some elaborate scenes, most of our play is's less serious and a lot less draining for us!

    Thanks for your comment, and I hope your holiday season is going well!