Wednesday 11 June 2014

BDSMonday Follow-Up: The Jokes!

Now that I've been sent all these great kinky jokes, what can I do but share them? Got one to add? It's never too late!


Two men are seated at a bar having a drink, when one looks at the other and says "You know, I'm a Sadist. I derive tremendous pleasure from inflicting pain."

The second man says "Really?! That's amazing! I'm a Masochist, I derive tremendous pleasure from receiving pain!"

So the two new BFFs head to the Sadist's house, where he has an entire room full of everything imaginable. The Masochist strips off, allows himself to be chained to a rack, and stands spread-eagled and nude. The Sadist approaches him, dressed all in black leather, and carrying a vicious looking cat o' nine tails. Body quivering, the Masochist licks his lips and says breathily "Well? Aren't you going to whip me?"

And the Sadist smiles, and says "No."


Q: What's the difference between Sensuous and Kinky?
A: Sensuous they use the feather, Kinky they use the whole chicken.



Q: What's the most appropriate name for a slave? .
A: Neil!

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