Thursday 9 April 2015

My Zombie Boyfriend One Week Countdown - Day Two: Bone

Welcome to day two of the My Zombie Boyfriend countdown week! Today I'm introducing Bone.

Model: Andrej Pejic
As some of you may know, My Zombie Boyfriend was originally conceived as a webcomic. Early on, we decided that we wanted Edward to have a contact at the morgue, because that seemed like a useful thing for a necromancer to have. In the book, Bone is Edward's ex-boyfriend, and they still consider each other friends.

Of all the characters in My Zombie Boyfriend, Bone has undergone the most changes. His original design was much less human and much more demonic-looking, but I pictured him differently when I started writing the book. He's now very small and pale, with very light hair that is, according to Edward's inside information, natural. There's speculation in the book that Bone isn't human, but Bone doesn't say anything to the contrary and Edward's never asked him. Speculation about what, exactly, he might be is open!

One thing hasn't changed for all the incarnations of Bone: he's creepy. Even though he plays a relatively small part in a book about a necromancer literally dating a zombie, and a zombie cat who occasionally loses bits of himself, I can say with certainty that Bone is the creepiest character. He doesn't just work in a morgue--he's really into death (which, let's be honest, is at least 90% of the reason he dated Edward in the first place). He also enjoys flirting with Kit, who is so not into him.

While Edward is decidedly vanilla, I apparently couldn't entirely keep BDSM out of my writing. Bone is definitely kinky, though his exact preferences aren't disclosed.

Another little bit of MZB trivia: originally, all of the characters had cats, not just Kit and Edward. If Bone were to have a cat, it would be a Ukranian Levkoy named Rasputin.

Here's Bone's Pinterest board (warning: some of these images could be disturbing to some viewers):

Follow T. Strange's board Bone on Pinterest.

Enjoy a Bone-inspired playlist! The challenge with this one was cutting it down to fewer than fifteen songs. I've been planning these playlists for a while, adding songs as I thought of them, and getting my wife to do the same (while our taste in music mostly overlaps, hers is a little Bonier than mine). When we went to narrow it down, he had over a hundred songs!

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