Friday 22 August 2014

My Zombie Boyfriend - First Sneak Peek!

Here it is, My Zombie Boyfriend's first teaser!

Edward is a necromancer/medical student. Boo is his cat...and the first zombie he ever made.

Something rubbed against my ankles at the bottom of the stairs and I shrieked. Being a necromancer hasn’t made me less afraid of things that go bump in the night—I know just how real those things can be. “Boo! How did you get down here?” I scooped him up and he purred in my arms. I try to keep Boo out of the basement. He tends to eat the scraps. And yes, it is every bit as revolting as it sounds. 

Boo peered at the body on the table, now that I was holding him high enough so he could see. He turned and 
gave me what was unquestionably a cat frown.

“He…followed me home?” I chuckled, nervously. “I promise I’ll feed him and take him for walks.”

Boo looked unimpressed and started squirming to be put down, making a horrible noise deep in his throat.

“It’s going to be a long night, buddy. Maybe we need some coffee.” One nice thing about an undead cat is that I can feed him anything he wants, in small amounts. He loves coffee, though if he eats too much of anything that isn’t raw meat, it comes out in truly disgusting ways. Because he’s undead, he’s lived longer 
than an ordinary cat. …though I have to repair him from time to time.

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