Sunday 22 October 2017

Countdown to My Zombie Wedding Release - Day Six!

What would My Zombie Wedding be without...well, the wedding? Here's a short taste of Kit and Edward's special day.

It wasn’t an enormous wedding, at least in terms of the number of people attending—for which I was supremely grateful—but both Kit and I would be well represented.

While neither of us was the ‘bride’ or ‘groom’, we’d originally discussed my father walking Kit down the aisle—until my dad realized that would leave me standing, alone, at the front of the room with everyone’s eyes on me. Just the thought had made me break out in a cold sweat, so Kit and I had decided to walk up together. Let the marriage commissioner and Mariel stand there by themselves for a few minutes.

“Are you ready?” Kit asked.

“I’m ready.” And I was. I didn’t feel nervous—well, not more than my usual baseline nervousness whenever I have to perform in any way.

I held his hand and we walked down the aisle, past our friends and family. There were no zombies—or other undead creatures—besides the one I was marrying. And Boo, of course, who was pacing in his cloth-bedecked kennel.

Kit and I had written our own vows in secret, so we’d each hear the other’s for the first time during the ceremony. Some of the audience—the ones who didn’t know Kit’s secret—might have been a little confused by the portion of mine where I promised not to control him, but I’d never meant any words more in my life.

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