Thursday 19 October 2017

Countdown to My Zombie Wedding Release - Day Three!

Today is all about Pinterest! I love using Pinterest during my writing process, to give me visuals of scenes, characters, or images I'm creating, and so I can share them with readers once the book is finished. I have Pinterest boards for each of the main characters (see below) and I also have a general inspiration board for My Zombie Fiancé.

My Zombie Wedding also has a general board, which you can view a preview of here:

My Zombie Wedding

Some of the images will make more sense in the context of the book, but included are: Kit's ai tattoo, Kit and Edward's wedding outfits, and the flowers in Kit's wedding bouquet (flower symbolism, y'all).

If you'd like a bit more of a visual tour of the Undead Canadian world, here are the boards for each character:

Mariel (Edward's mentor)
Bone (Edward's ex boyfriend)
Boo (Edward's undead cat)
Winston (Kit's cat)

Learn more about the Undead Canadian Series here.

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