Monday 11 July 2016

My Zombie Fiancé Countdown - Day 2 - A Wild Author Appears!

With only two days left on the countdown, I had to whip out something really special!

Ok. I was really really nervous about doing this, but ...I made a video! I'm at the place that inspired the first scene in My Zombie Boyfriend... but you don't have to listen to writing me when you can listen to me me. In the video. The video for you, the video created especially for you, your video.
If anyone was wondering, I made this using iMovie (for the first time!) It took me a few minutes, but once I got the hang of it, the program was very user friendly. I've only done video editing twice before, once in grade eight and once in high school, soooo... I'm pretty pleased with the results, all things considered. (Did I mention that I was nervous?)

Special thanks to my Canon PowerShot A530. It's almost ten years old, it goes through batteries like they're...something you eat really quickly...and it's one of the first purchases I made when I got a "grownup" job out of high school. (Before I realized that having a grownup job doesn't really work for me, leading to you watching this video...)

Anyway, grab your popcorn (to throw at the screen)!

There's still time to enter the preorder giveaway! When you preorder My Zombie Fiancé from Torquere Press, not only do you get 15% off and a free short story, you can also enter to win a fabulous prize pack!

Details here.

Day 3

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