Tuesday 12 July 2016

My Zombie Fiancé Countdown - Day 1 - Advance Reviews

With less than a day left until My Zombie Fiancé's release, it's time to find out what reviewers have to say about the book!

From Laura Nelson: "So anyone that knows me, knows that I wouldn’t stop raving about My Zombie Boyfriend after I had read it. As a result, I couldn’t wait to get my grabby hands on a copy of My Zombie Fiancé. I think I love Edward and Kit even more after reading it. What more can you ask for? PNR, m/m, horror and comedy all in one!" (continue reading)

From Christine Payne: "I really enjoyed this book. It's a great read. I would recommend it to my friends and others who asked about it. It is a book I would read again. This is a series I would love to continue reading. I like T. Strange's twist on zombies in this series. I think that's part of what makes it. I really like Kit and Edward's relationship and the entire plot of the book as well." (link to review)

From Books to Curl Up With: "I fell in love with Edward and Kit from the first book and they made me fall in love with them even more in book 2. Edward is still the geeky nerdy medical student but he is getting stronger and stronger as he goes through book two. He is put through the wringer in this book. The author took him on a roller coaster this time. Kit is the calming effect on Edward and for a zombie Kit is pretty fricken hot." (continue reading)

From Lindsay Crook: "This is the first T. Strange novel I've ever read and let me just tell you she's 100% gained a new fan. I loved everything about this story. Edward and Kit are fantastic together and who doesn't want a zombie cat called Boo? This was unlike any zombie book I've read but I guess that's what kept me turning pages. I highly recommend this book to anyone that loves the supernatural. 5 undead stars." (link to review)

From A.M. LeibowitzThis is a terrific follow-up to My Zombie Boyfriend. It has all the delightfully weird elements of the first book without being simply more of the same.
I wasn't sure what to expect when I picked it up. Total honesty: I didn't even read the blurb. I just wanted more of Edward and Kit (and maybe Bone). I got my wish as well as a great story that had me hooked from the start and kept my interest all the way to the end. (continue reading)

From Sean McKissackThis second chapter of the series, now free of the "origin story" is able to dig into several new plot points and it conjures of a gaggle of ghosts who may we see yet again. Edward's growing powers carry a deeper mystery when he learns why he has them to begin with and what helps keep his bond with Kit. One part romance, one part "Supernatural" and maybe a dash of "Scooby Doo", this book will keep you guessing as to what will happen to Edward and Kit. (link to review)

I’d love to see you at the Facebook release party tomorrow!

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