Monday 19 January 2015

BDSMonday - Flagging

It's BDSMonday!

Sorry about being AWOL last week, I wasn't feeling the best (but I'm fine now). I thought I'd do something fun today--flagging!

In a leather/BDSM context, flagging refers to wearing or carrying something to indicate what sort of play you're into or looking for. Having an object on your left means you are into giving/doing that sort of play (wearing a flogger on your left--you're into flogging), and having it on your right means you're into receiving that sort of play (wearing a flogger on your right--you're into being flogged).

You can flag with almost anything, from something subtle like keys--left means you're a Top/Dominant/etc, right means you're a bottom/sub/etc--that can be worn anywhere, to very specific items that you would probably only want to wear to a BDSM event, such as handcuffs, cane or rope.

Then there's the hankie code. This site is a very, very comprehensive list of all the different hanky colours and patterns used to flag and what they all mean. I (Side note: My Sir and I really want houndstooth hankies :D)

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