Wednesday 4 January 2017


Hey guys! Just wanted to give you an update about where I'm at in terms of my writing.

I've gotten my rights back from Torquere Press, and I'm in the process of having my works taken down from distributor sites, so it's possible that some stories might not be available to purchase from a particular ebook store for a while.

Meanwhile, here's a sneak peek at the new covers! (Huge thanks to Kris Norris for reconstructing MZF's cover for me!)

Amber and My Zombie Boyfriend/FiancĂ© should be back up everywhere (except probably Amazon) within the next week or so. Because they're being self-published, I'm now free to give you the Undead Canadian series the way it was written—with Canadian spelling! That's right, along with the nifty new covers you'll also get a torrent of U's. I'm talking coloUr, moUld, neighboUr and more!* Additionally, the new version of MZB will include the first chapter of MZF as a sample.

My Zombie Cat and Mixup are going into a collection of Undead Canadian shorts—along with two previously unpublished stories—though that probably won't be available for at least another month. Char, Delphinos, and Lighthouse are also going to be released as a collection, along with a previously unpublished short story.

My other works are migrating to my erotica pen name, Lee Fisher, who will also be posting new stories.

If you'd like to keep track of important updates from me, you can subscribe to my mailing list! I won't send more than an email a month, if that, so don't worry about being spammed. You will get exclusive sneak peeks, giveaways, and coupons.

Thanks again to all of you for reading and being awesome!

*Please note: the text hasn't changed substantially in either book. I'm not going to say no if you want to re-purchase the new versions, but you're basically getting the same content


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