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Beau's Baby - A.C. Katt


Jack Romano is a policeman who has just killed in man in the line of duty. As if this wasn’t bad enough, he found out that his bemoaned first love’s wife has died in childbirth and his ex-lover killed himself leaving the sickly newborn to Jack. Carlo Del Monte who has been chasing Jack for nine months uses Bella as an opportunity to get Jack in his house as well as his bed. The two of them set up housekeeping with the help of the Soccer team, their partners and Carlo’s big Italian family then tragedy strikes, little Bella gets the measles.

 Four Years Ago
 “Beau, get your lazy ass out of bed. I have the afternoon
off.” Jack Romano went to the fridge and grabbed a beer and with a smile in his
voice he continued, “Unless, of course, that’s where you’d like us to spend our
afternoon… Beau? Where are you? Beau?”
Jack walked back to the bedroom of his and Beau’s apartment
following the sound of voices. Figuring it was one of the soccer team, Jack
walked through the door and glanced around looking for his man. He found him.
Beau was fucking Meredith Simmons in their bed.
“I’m sorry that you had to find out like this, Jack. I’ve been trying to tell you, but…” Beau got out of bed and started to dress.
“Tell me what? What is this?” Jack’s voice broke. “This is a
mistake. You’re gay. We’ve been together since high school.”
“Meredith, get dressed. We’ll be in the living room. Finish
your beer, Jack.”
“No, I don’t want to fucking finish my beer. I want to know
what’s going on.”
“It’s pretty straight forward, I’m in love with Meredith and
I’m going to marry her.”
“Honey, I’m leaving so you can get this mess straightened
out. Don’t let him corrupt you again.”
Meredith let herself out, the door closing quietly behind

“How long?” Jack asked needing to know.
“Six months, maybe more.”
“But we made love yesterday.”
“We fucked yesterday. Let’s get down to business. Meredith
and I would like this apartment so we’d appreciate it if you found somewhere
else to live.”
“No fucking way…it’s my name on the lease, and you’re the
one who’s leaving.”
“You’ll be sorry you’re doing this. I was planning on seeing
you on the side once Meredith and I are married. You know I love you but I
can’t get ahead at work being a fag, I need a wife.”
“No, you’re wrong. Gays are accepted everywhere. Please, we
can work this out.”

“We can’t. I won’t put my future in jeopardy.”

“You’re gay. You aren’t going to change that.”

“Actually, I’m bi.” Beau came up to put his arms around
Jack. “You love me. We’ll talk about all of this

when I get back.”

Jack broke Beau’s hold and with tears streaming down his
cheeks said, “Get the hell out of my apartment. You can move out tomorrow. I’ll
sort out your things tonight.”

“You can’t do that.”

“As I said, my name is on the lease. Get the fuck out.
You’re leaving me.”

“Jack, be reasonable, we can be together when I come home
from the honeymoon. We’ll have to sneak around but—”

 “Do you really think
I’m capable of that? Helping you cheat? No, just no.”

“You’ll change your mind when I come home. I’ll be back.”

“Get the fuck out, get out of here, right now.” Jack’s voice
broke again.

Beau slammed the door on his way out. Jack sat down on the
sofa that he and Beau picked out for the living room seven months ago, put his head
in his hands and wept.

“Beau, Beau, how can I live without you? But I can’t be with
you as long as you’re with her.”


Bobby and Keith’s House

Thursday in June, Four Years Later

Eight in the Morning

Jack was distraught when he came back to Bobby’s. Carlo was
with him. “They’re not doing anything to you because you shot Billy are they?” Reggie
asked obviously worried. Reggie and Mark were staying with Bobby because of the

“No, but any officer-involved shooting requires a hearing.
The captain already called it a good shoot. The rest of the procedure is all
technicalities…” Jack still had storm clouds over his face. He and Carlo sat
down at the kitchen table and Marla poured them some coffee. Jack appeared dumbstruck.

He finally blurted out, “Meredith died in childbirth three
days ago.” Jack’s voice broke. “She had a little girl. Beau killed himself
yesterday and left custody of the infant to me in a new will he made after Meredith
died. They tried to contact me yesterday, but I was busy with the Billy
business. I have to go sign paperwork at Social Services if I accept custody.
No one has been there for the baby for three days.

Carlo’s going with me to identify Beau at the morgue.”

“Why do you have to identify him?” Bobby was incensed.

“There isn’t anyone else.” Jack’s shoulders shook.

“I have to go see her at the hospital if I accept custody.
There is no family. If I don’t take her, she’ll go into the foster system. I
have to make up my mind right away.”

“What?” Bobby screeched in anger.

“You heard me. Carlo came to my apartment when he heard
about the shooting. He’s going to help me with the legal mess. I’ll take that
security job with you, Keith, if the offer is still open. Now that I’m going to
have a child, I need steady work that doesn’t require me to place my life on
the line.”

“Of course the offer is still open.” Bobby put his arm
around Jack. “Are you okay?”

“I haven’t had time to think about it. They’re holding a note
for me from Beau at his lawyer’s office.”

“Do you need any baby things? I have Kitty’s things,
although they’re not the best quality,” Jason offered.

“I have to get some stuff from their apartment. Meredith
probably bought things for the baby. I’ll need to purchase a house. My
apartment has only one bedroom.” Jack’s face scrunched up in worry.

“Do you need money?” Reggie asked.

“I don’t know Reg. I promise I’ll let you know.”

“The two bedroom across the street from us is for sale. It’s
small, but there is plenty of property if you want to expand later,” Jason
said. “Stella is going into Assisted Living.”

“I might be interested. Carlo needs to look at Beau’s
finances. I’m going to visit her at the hospital now.
They’re keeping her for a while, she’s underweight.”

“How much underweight?” Bobby asked.

“She weighs only three pounds even though she was full term.
Although she’s finally breathing on her own and just started sucking the
bottle, they told me she can’t go home yet. Meredith wasn’t eating much. She
wanted to keep her figure,” Jack said, the disgust plain on his face.

Bobby’s jaw dropped. “What a bitch.”

“Carlo’s coming with me. The Billy mess is cleaned up, now I
have one of my own.”

Bobby reached out and touched Jack’s arm. “You don’t have to
take her. An infant girl is greatly prized on the adoption market. She’d get a
home quickly.”

“I have to keep her. She’s all I have left of Beau. I’ve got
to go,” Jack choked on a sob. He left with Carlo and the door closed behind

“Goddamn Beau, he’s sabotaging Jack’s relationships from the
grave,” Jason cursed.

“It’s clear that he’s not going to change his mind about
keeping her. Carlo was doing more than a flyby here. I wonder how he feels
about this.” Keith poured more coffee.

“Not you, baby, you’re on medication, remember, Greg said
limit your caffeine,” Reggie told Mark.

“Have juice with Bobby. He’s on meds too.”

“We’ll all have to help him do this. The little girl is an
innocent, she can’t help that her father was a lying, cheating, son of a
bitch,” Bobby said eyes moving from Jason to Reggie.

“It isn’t like we haven’t taken care of little girls before,
we have Kitty-cat. As far as Carlo is concerned, he was interested. We’ll find
out how invested he is now. Let’s see how this all plays out.” Reggie moved to the
sofa and sat down in a huff.

Bobby lifted his juice. “A toast to Billy’s fortunate
demise. As for Beau, may he rest in peace, if that’s possible for a liar and a
cheat whose only good deed was offing himself?”

“Here, here…” They men clinked their coffee cups and

“We’ll know more about what Jack wants to do once he and
Carlo take care of the legalities,” Keith observed.

“I don’t know about you, but to me it looked like Carlo was
all in,” Zach noted.

Jason’s face was rife with speculation. “I believe you’re

~Author Bio~

Katt was born in New York City's Greenwich Village. €She remembers sitting at
the fountain in Washington Square Park listening to folk music while they
passed the hat. At nine, her parents dragged her to New Jersey where she grew
up, married and raised four children and became a voracious reader of romantic
fiction. €At one time she owned over two thousand novels, until she and her
husband took themselves and the cat to New Mexico for their health and its
great beauty.

Now, most of AC's books are electronic (although she still keeps six bookcases
of hardcovers), so she never has to give away another book.

She hangs out at; or This is a very opinionated
kitty and at where you may find snippets of her current releases, as
well as some from works in progress. She also puts out a Newsletter once a
month. You can sign up at


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