Thursday 10 March 2016

Reviews for Char - Twisted Fables Anthology

I'd like to share the first few reviews for Char, my contribution to Torquere Press' Twisted Fables anthology!

From A.M. LeibowitzThis story is short enough to be read in a single sitting, and it’s as sweet as the concept implies.

I always love a good retold fairy tale, and Cinderella happens to be one of my favorites because it’s so versatile. It translates well to a variety of settings. I’m especially pleased to find good reimaginings with LGBTQ+ characters and situations. What makes fairy tales ideal is that they can do exactly what Char does: make the story, not the LGBTQ+ themes, central.

All around, this is a simply lovely story. Char himself is plucky and irresistible, observant of the world around him and so full of love it spills over into his baking. Raoul is an excellent foil with his temperamental jealousy and his desire for accolades rather than friendship or love. It’s very well-written, which is no surprise given what I’ve come to expect from the author. 

From Andrea GoodellThis twist on a classic fairy tale is not like anything you've read before. This baby was left, and brought up, not loved but not abused. Just lived. But he kept to the shadows and learned. That knowledge will serve him well.

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