Thursday 16 October 2014

Review: The Roommate Situation by Zoe X. Rider

The Roommate Situation by Zoe X. Rider

Genre: M/M NA BDSM Romance

Blurb: College freshman Shane Hahn finds himself unexpectedly shuffled to a new dorm room--which is fine by him, but his over-involved mother takes one look at toothpick-chewing, motorcycle-riding Derek McClain, his new roommate, and gets on the phone with the school. The school requires that Shane be the one to file the room-change paperwork, but Shane's reluctant.

He's attracted to Derek's independence, even though that independence means Derek has to pay his own way through college, which he does by making leather products (you know: belts, wallets...bondage gear) and selling it online. Shane isn't even allowed to work while he's in school, much less join a band, which is what he really wants to do with his life. Unfortunately, his parents are holding his guitar hostage until he can prove he's taking his future seriously.

When he decides he needs a way to come up with cash--the kind his parents won't find out about--so he can buy a guitar his parents can't take away from him, he turns to Derek with what sounds like a win-win solution: he'll model bondage gear for Derek's online store photos, Derek will get more sales, and Shane will get a cut. The one thing he doesn't factor into his plan is the giddy stomach-flip feeling Derek McClain causes whenever he walks in the room--and what that might mean for them when Derek starts locking leather cuffs on his wrists.

Review: I've been curious about NA BDSM for a while, and this book seemed like the perfect way to get my feet wet. Wow, am I glad I went with this one!

Both main characters were very likeable and interesting. There were a few times that I caught myself scowling inwardly at Shane for being ungrateful when his parents are paying for his entire education, but I kept reminding myself that people can be abusive and still give you lots of things.

The sex and kink were very hot and enjoyable to read. I really liked the tentative, natural way Shane and Derek got into bondage and sex with one another.

I'm not a big fan of books written in the present tense, but that's really a personal thing, not anything negative about the writing. The story moves along at a nice, steady pace.

It ended at a good (and at least moderately happy) place, though it did leave me wanting more. I'll definitely be reading more by this author!

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